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7 things BLACKPINK Jisoo’s features say about her personality

Is the face really the window to the soul?

Are you able to judge someone’s inner feelings by how they appear?

Here’s what BLACK PINK Jisoofacial features speak of her personality, according to the Australian “people reader” Alan Stevenscriteria.

1. Trust

People whose faces are less than 60% as wide as long are inherently cautious, while those whose faces are at least 70% as wide as long are considered more natural than their counterparts.

Jisoo’s face is slightly wider which means she has a lot of natural confidence!

2. Friendliness

The friendliness depends on the distance from the top of the eye to the eyebrow compared to the height of the eye. People with lower eyebrows usually don’t have as strong a need for personal space as those with taller ones.

| Korea Fashion

Jisoo is someone who doesn’t mind those close to her!

3. Tolerance

People with eyes wider apart tolerate errors better than people whose eyes are closer together.

| @aaaaa_/Instagram

Lisa’s expressive eyes are set more widely, meaning she’s not the type to make sudden judgments about people.

4. A sense of humor

According to Stevens, the sense of humor is related to the length of the gutter (the vertical furrow between the nose and upper lip). People with a longer chute probably have a good sense of humor

Jisoo is on the long side which means he is someone who likes to laugh!

5. Generosity

People with fuller lips like Jisoo are more generous in their speech, while people with thinner lips are more precise. This means that he quickly offers words of support, comfort and encouragement!

| Marie Claire

6. View of the world

The world view is marked on the side of the crease on a person’s eyelid. According to Stevens, people with a thicker fold are more analytical, while those with fine folds or no folds are more decisive.

This means Jisoo quickly learns what he wants and makes a decision!

7. Magnetism

Those of “deeper colorThe eyes are said to be naturally charismatic and have a high level of magnetism. Jisoo’s dark, expressive eyes explain her powerful aura!

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