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8 male K-pop idols who draw attention with their hot physique

8 male K-pop idols who draw attention with their hot physique

As a K-pop fan, a large chunk of K-culture gushes out on your favorite idols not only for their musical talents, but also for their stunning graphics. Among the male idols there are many who have a “hot figure,” which refers to those who are tall, have broad shoulders, and can be either lean or muscular. And of course, K-pop fans have been introduced to many idols that fit this description.

Here are some of the male K-pop idols that come to mind for their hot physique.

1. ASTRO moon cage

(Photo: Twitter: @qjendqjenddl)
Lunar basket ASTRO

A member of the ASTRO Moon Bin is currently about 182 cm tall. Over the years, fans have witnessed him gain muscle in all the right places and become known for his athletic figure and V-shaped body. In fact, the ASTRO member even made it to the cover. Men’s health a magazine that fans have rushed over to.

2. VIXX Lew


(Photo: Instagram: @leo_jungtw)

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VIXX lead singer Leo is about 181 cm (5’11 “) tall. The vocalist of” Shangri-La “has attracted a lot of attention for his amazing proportions with long legs that could totally secure him a place in the modeling world if he chooses to do so. do this. Some even mentioned that his physique is similar to the Western model!

3. Baekho


(Photo: Golden Days via Naver)

The former NU’EST member is one of the most famous idols for his muscular figure. About 179 cm (5’10.5 “), the idol who is nicknamed” Sexy Bandit “among fans always leaves LOVEs (the NU’EST fandom) in a daze for their specific muscles. As Baekho cared about his appearance, he also appeared on the cover Men’s health magazine.

4. NCT Johnny

NCT Johnny

(Photo: MBC)
NCT Johnny

NCT member Johnny is one of the tallest members of the group, about 185 cm (6’1 “) tall. Many envy him for his spectacularly tall proportions, which also makes him an ideal candidate for a model. With his legs for days and a killer belly, fans can’t help but go crazy behind him.

5. BOYZ Juyeon

BOYZ Juyeon

(Photo: COZY)
BOYZ Juyeon

THE BOYZ visual member Juyeon is currently around 181 cm (5’11 inches). Every time the lead singer of “Thrill Ride” is dressed in the band’s outfits for a performance, Juyeon manages to make thousands of hearts flutter thanks to his handsome looks and figure.

6. EXO Kai


(Photo: Today’s love)

Standing 180 cm (5’11 “) tall, EXO member Kai boasts the athletic and slim body that EXO-L (EXO fandom) loves. Kai has grown to be more muscular over the years and is not shy about showing off his hard work of putting on short sports tops or simply giving up the shirt on stage! Thanks to his physique, he helps him create beautiful dance lines during performances.



(Photo: NJM247)

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If you’ve followed the development of RM in recent years, you’ve witnessed the rapper’s 181 cm (5’11 “) physique change. Nowadays, the hitmaker of” Yet to Come “has noticeably wider shoulders and packs more muscle further. Needless to say, it leaves behind. tons of ARMY (BTS fandom) wanting more!


Seventeen Mingyu

(Photo: Instagram: @ min9yu_k)
Seventeen Mingyu

If there’s an idol who definitely catches the eye with his hot body, it’s SEVENTEEN member Mingyu! In addition to the breathtaking visuals of Mingyu and his 186 cm tall, the rapper is making a sensation on social media for his growing muscles. And fans are excited to see more of it!

Who do you think has a hot figure?

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