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A 43-year-old actress who was a racing girl was invited by someone 16 years younger than her

Oh Yoon-ah is a racing girl of the first generation.

In the past, Oh Yoon-ah she was known for her looks, which did not match her young age, but after nearly 20 years of exercise, she gained confidence in her body.

She is 43 years old, but as beautiful as in her twenties. The short top makes it look even younger.

Oh Yoon-ah once visited a pub run by her older sister and friend. It is said that he was invited by a 27-year-old man who was 16 years younger than her. The man lived in Canada for a long time, so he didn’t know Oh Yoon-ah was a celebrity.

When the man asked if she was a celebrity, she replied yes, and the man continued to ask about her debut. When she replied that about 20 years had passed since her debut, he asked again: “How old are you?” and Oh Yoon-ah honestly revealed that she was 43 years old.

The man was very surprised but still hasn’t come out and finally Oh Yoon-ah asks about his age. After hearing the answer “I was born in 1996 “, Oh Yoon-ah said “You are my son’s age.The man only left then, making everyone who listened to her story laugh.

A friend from Oh Yoon-ah at the time said: “Why did you talk about such useless things?” but oh yoon-ah said “I feel guilty,” explaining the reason why she honestly disclosed her age and the existence of her son.

Since her divorce in 2015, Oh Yoon-ah has single-handedly raised her son with a developmental disability. She has revealed her motherly love for her son through programs such as “Real Man 300” and “Convenience Restaurant”, receiving support from many people as well as giving courage to many families who are in the same situation as her.

Source: daum


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