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A clear photo of Jennie with a BLACKPINK in the bathtub has leaked

Recent disclosed photos have alarmed fans of the ongoing breach of privacy.

Recently released photos of BTS V and Jennie from BLACKPINK are the topic of conversation in town.

According to Ettoday posted on September 20, hacker Gurumiharibo, who exposed intimate photos of idols, continued to reveal a photo of Jennie in the bathtub in a secret group, stating: “Jennie may unfollow everyone but your photos with Taehyung (V) BTS has already been exposed. A bit too late. Here’s Jennie taking a bath.

A personal photo of Jennie in the bathtub was circulated. (Photo: Twitter)

Although the photo has yet to be verified, Internet users compared it with other selfies and Jennie photos and concluded that the angles are identical, especially the shape of her ear. Fans, on the contrary, believed that the photo had been manipulated in Photoshop, and the meticulousness of the hacker had deceived the viewers.

Even so, Jennie’s fans express their concern when their idol’s privacy is severely compromised. However, her management company YG Entertainment still lacks any protective measures.

Previously, the account was spreading “a few pictures“He stated firmly,” there is nothing but the truth, “and said idol management companies YG and HYBE” wouldn’t dare to do anything “because they were actually dating.

Jennie bts v

On September 16, a hacker published a series of intimate photos of the idols during a trip to Jeju in May. The leaked photo showed V hugging Jennie’s mother’s cat in her mother’s house. Fans were able to spot a blue and white striped pillowcase similar to that of Vlog Jennie.

Exclusive news from jTBC News announced that V took part in a closed party for VIP guests during the release of the album “BORN PINK”. According to the initiates, V was and “He fulfilled the role of a tactful boy”.

bts against Jennie

Meanwhile, when the news agency tried to connect with its companies, the representative stated that he was unaware of the event in progress.


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