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A Fox News presenter says Republicans are “going the wrong way” with a ban on abortion

Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier warned Republicans on Tuesday that they were “going the wrong way” ahead of the mid-term election after Sen. Lindsey Graham proposed a national 15-week ban on abortion.

In a performance opposite John Roberts on the program America reports On Tuesday afternoon, Baier raised the alarm that party attempts to limit and criminalize access to abortion could undermine their efforts to reclaim the US House of Representatives and Senate in November.

“I think Dobbs case and annulment of the US Supreme Court Roe v Wade it had a big impact on independent people, especially women – and especially in peri-electoral areas, ”said Baier. “And now, thanks to the efforts of Graham’s Dream, it is surprising – did Republicans go the wrong way with a nationwide abortion ban after 15 weeks after they said it was up to the states in the aftermath of Dobbs?

Baier’s warning is backed up by ample evidence. Democratic political fortunes took a toll this summer, with Democratic candidates outperforming President Joe Biden’s 2020 election in every special Congressional election following the suppression of the Supreme Court decision Roe. In the August referendum, Kansans voted by an overwhelming majority to protect their right to abortion care.

Biden himself also noted improvements in his polls, while his party is now favored to maintain Senate control and limit the Republican gains in the House to 10-20 seats.

While there are likely many reasons for Mr. Biden’s resurgence – including the passing of his Signature Expenditure Act and the Climate Act, a plan for student debt relief and falling gas prices – new voter registration numbers across the country also suggest that Democratic voters are being re-motivated in the Ruling The Supreme Court.

With the early elections now less than two months away and the vast majority of Americans claiming to be pro-choice, Graham made the surprising decision on Tuesday to present his proposal to ban abortion in 15 weeks gestation – taking the hands of individual nations.

The White House and many high-profile Democrats criticized Graham’s proposal, which would represent another drastic obstacle to access to abortion and rights in the US. Several Republicans also distanced themselves from the proposal, with Senator John Cornyn of Texas announcing his opposition to the bill, and several other senators, including Senator Rick Scott of Florida and Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, refused to comment on the bill.

Baier said he believed Mr. Graham’s intentions were election-oriented, but admitted the bill may not hit the way he expected.

“I think the idea behind Graham’s Dream was to put a 15-week number on it so that there would be a few candidates to say,” I am signing up for this. Democrats, do you decide to have an abortion after 15 weeks? then reverse the situation, ”Baier said. “I’m not sure if it works like that today, on the first day the bill comes out, or if he’s talking about it.”


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