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Actions from the generation of girls who surprisingly had another show a few hours after SMTOWN LIVE 2022

They still show amazing professionalism.

Girls generation They gave fans the ultimate 15th anniversary gift, releasing a new album and returning as a full band.

(Left to Right) Hyoyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Seohyun, Yuri, Sooyoung, and Yoona of the girls’ generation | @ GirlsGeneration / Twitter

A touching reunion after a five-year hiatus warmed the hearts of new fans and fans who grew up with the famous second-generation group.

They not only promoted themselves in music programs, but also led Long-lasting love A fan meeting on the occasion of the 15th anniversary, which ended more with a concert.

Meeting of Girls Generation “Long Love” fans | @ GirlsGeneration / Twitter

In addition to the promotion and fan meeting, Girls’ Generation could join its friend SM Entertainment artists for the yearbook LIVE 2022 concert in Korea on August 20.

SMTOWN in Korea | @ smtown / Instagram

The members went out of their way during their live performance. Just members only Taeyeon and Hyoyeon they were to perform to perform an encore of the song “Hope” with other SM Entertainment artists, all members unexpectedly stayed.

They were even the last group to leave the stage, wanting this special moment to last a little longer.

A recently released behind-the-scenes video of their last performance at Inkigayo showed that they chose to stay on LIVE 2022 until the last moment it was even more touching.

Girls’ Generation on the “Inkigayo” stage | @generation of girls / Instagram

It turns out they had their final plan Inkigajo performance just a few hours after the concert ended, which meant that after w LIVE.

Because they had to rush to get their schedule together, Yuri made available members did not go to sleep before theirs Inkigajo performance. She showed it was 4:08 AM KST, and they had another hour before they were needed on stage.

Despite the tiring schedule, Yuri said she felt full of energy thanks to the love the group received from SONEs, and the band members managed to make the show effortlessly.

Hyoyeon He added that members had enough time to quickly shower in the dorms before they turned to filming Inkigajo. While they were expecting fatigue, everyone was lively as they cheered on each other in the group chat.

Check out their final Inkigajo performance below to see their true professionalism!

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