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Actor Go Kyung Po becomes popular on ’43. Blue Dragon Film Awards” for being the best “Hype Boy” for NewJeans and Zico

On November 25, some of the hottest stars in the Korean film industry met at 43rd Blue Dragon Film Award. Hosted by Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Yeon Seokit was truly an unforgettable event.

However, the ceremony gained attention when the stars present turned into real K-pop states.

Kim Hye Soo (left) and Yoo Yeon Seok (right)

However, apart from the awards, there were only a few amazing performances.

The first show of the night was with a rookie girlband NewJeans. Despite only making their debut this year, the girls really took the stage with “Hype Boy” and “Attention”.

Of course, with such an amazing performance, even the stars in the audience couldn’t hide their emotions. iu and Generation of girls‘s Yoona they were clapping along with the young idols…

While Tang Wei she even caught the attention of fans by seemingly filming her private cam of the performance.

However, one person among the fans at the ceremony really took notice, and it was none other than the actor Go Kyung Po.

Actor Go Kyung Po

As for NewJeans, the actor was not afraid to show how obsessed he is with idols. He even danced perfectly to “Hype Boy” and couldn’t stop cheering them on.

As if that wasn’t enough, when Zico went out for his own performance, Go Kyung Po had a starring role at the event. Before going on stage, Zico decided to start in the crowd and walked down the line. Before going on stage, he sat next to the actor and it’s safe to say that Go Kyung Po lived his best life.

Even after Zico entered the scene, Go Kyung Po and equally iconic Song Eun Yi really lived her best life.

Along with IU, Ong Seong Wu and many others who show their love for Zico’s performance…

Even when the song is over, Go Kyung Po, Song Eun Yi and Seo Guk In were the last to make an impact!

While award ceremonies can be boring at times, idols have really brought out the inner fans of all the celebrities present. In particular, it is not surprising that Go Kyung Po really won the hearts of netizens with his antics.

You can read more about the award ceremony below.

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Source: KBS Entertainment


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