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Actor Kang Tae Oh debuts with a shaved head, and fans wish him well as he puffs

5surprise‘s Kang Tae Oh officially enrolls in military service.

Kang Tae Oh

Although he gained fame thanks to his role as Lee Jun Ho in ThisK-drama Extraordinary Attorney WooKang Tae Oh has to enlist this year due to his age.

Kang Tae Oh in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. | This

Every able-bodied South Korean male must complete his compulsory military service for approximately 1.5 years, unless you have an exemption that has been approved by the nation. They must enroll up to the age of 28 (Korean age). So, even if they are at the peak of their careers right now, they still have to enlist.

Young K from DAY6 | Stars and stripes

Before the Kang Tae Oh agency, Man of CreationKang Tae Oh announced the draft. On Jul 29, Man of Creation shared via TENASY details of haul plans.

He must enlist to complete his military service this year. However, the draft notice has not yet been released. Kang Tae Oh has a masculine personality and loves to exercise. So he wanted to do military service as part of ROKN UDT or ROK Marines. But it is more likely to be part of the Korean Army. I plan to sign up from the end of August to mid-September.

– The Man of Creation

In August, Kang Tae Oh himself revealed his recruitment date during his recruitment TikTok Stage Connect: SweeTaeOh. He thanked the fans for all the memories.

The message has reached me. I have been called to fulfill my duty to my country. I will enlist in the military on September 20. For my fans who will be waiting for me, I will sing Kim Dong Ryul’s song “Thank You” as a token of appreciation.

Thank you for making such good memories with me. I will come back with a healthy attitude.

– Kang Tae Oh

Now Kang Tae Oh is officially taking a puff.

Before Kang’s departure, Tae Oh shared photos on Instagram, making his debut with a shaved head. He proved that he can rock any hairstyle!

| @who940620 / Instagram

| @who940620 / Instagram

Additionally, Kang Tae Oh once again thanked his fans for their support. He promised to see them soon.

Thank you for your support and excessive love. I’ll be strong and well be back. See you soon.

– Kang Tae Oh

Fans are saddened to see her leave, but they wish him well. So the “# WhaleWaitForYouKangTaeOh2024”, a pun referring to Extraordinary attorney Woo.

Hashtag is gaining popularity on Twitter with over 4,000 tweets at the time of writing.

| Twitter

We wish Kang Tae Oh a safe journey. See you in 2024!


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