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Actress Han So Hee was once embroiled in controversy over her incredible beauty

Many felt that she looked too good to be true.

They say if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. I mean, unless you’re talking about it Han so Heebeauty.

Recently, fans were surprised to learn that prior to her debut, actress Han So Hee was once embroiled in controversy over her Instagram photos.

Han So Hee | theqoo

Han So Hee | theqoo

It turns out that fans couldn’t believe that someone could be as beautiful as her, and so they said that the pre-debut actress was filtering heavily and taking pictures!

| theqoo

| theqoo

In a post that has been viewed more than 130,000 times since then, an internet user posted a story in which he wrote that the actress’s beauty was unbelievable for some.

When she was a goddess on Instagram, many people said there was no way she looked like that in real life and accused her of filtering out photos and using angles to get her look. All of this vanished after the publication of the first article featuring her photo.

– Netizen

The Internet user then quoted the director The world of marriage, You Waniliwho explained his decision to cast Han So Hee, who at the time was a little-known actress. The director’s explanation is a testimony to the sensation that the actress’s beauty caused in the industry.

She was unrealistically beautiful. During the meeting, we were charmed by her beauty. I thought that only I felt this way, but everyone else felt the same. The character of Yeo Da Kyung provides an inherent aspect of the thrill, but we wanted our viewers to think much more about her than about the young woman who falls in love with an older man. At the end of the first act, as we moved across Han So Hee’s face, we wanted our viewers’ hearts to drop into their stomachs. I think we were lucky enough to cast Han So Hee when her charisma was at its peak.

– Mo Wani

Han So Hee stole the top attraction in The world of marriage, immediately moving from a little-known actress to a familiar name.

Internet users reacted to the fact that her beauty was once so controversial, but found that they were not surprised by her otherworldly beauty.

  • “In real life, it’s even more beautiful. The camera is not able to reproduce all her beauty. “
  • “She’s pretty AF. Personally, I think she is the most beautiful of all idols and actors. “
  • “Her facial structure is the type that looks more beautiful live. I didn’t know she was so popular on Instagram before her debut. “
  • Nice AF.
  • “Her face is a combination Shin Se Kyung and The song hye kyo. How is it that she is so beautiful?
  • “Han So Hee is so pretty.”
  • “I really want to see her in person.”

What are your thoughts? Would you believe that someone could be so beautiful if you only saw her in pictures?


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