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Actress Yoon Se Ah Clears Up Misconceptions About Her Mother’s Role In ‘The Glory’

Actress Yoon Se Ah Clears Up Misconceptions About Her Mother’s Role In ‘The Glory’

Yoon Se Ah recently made headlines after revealing that her mother, a professional Go player, was a consultant on the Netflix drama The Glory.

However, when rumors began to circulate that Yoon Se Ah’s mother personally taught actress Song Hye Kyo how to play Go in the drama, Yoon Se Ah spoke up and straightened things out.

On March 16, Yoon Se Ah posted on Instagram that her mother participated in drama research and consulting as an expert in the game of Go.

However, she stressed that her mother never personally taught Song Hye Kyo how to play Go. Yoon Se Ah expressed concern that someone’s efforts might be discredited due to false rumors and wished everyone a happy day.

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The day before, Yoon Se Ah posted a heartfelt message on Instagram expressing her admiration for her mother’s years of dedication to playing Go. When she was younger, she shared a picture of her mother and remembered a precious ring her mother wore during important matches. Yoon Se Ah also shared her mother’s determination to continue playing Go even if she was born again.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” is a drama that tells the story of Moon Dong Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo, who seeks revenge against her childhood bullies in the game of Go. Moon Dong Eun learns Go from Yoo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun).

source: Nate.


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