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Aespa Karina’s ‘First Fan’ Goes Viral – Fans Are Impressed With Her Popularity Before Debut

“Before her debut, Karina already had a fancam.”

There is no shortage of content espa‘s Karina before debut.

Karina from aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

The idol continues to gain popularity among netizens thanks to her stunning pre-debut visuals.

Karina before her debut

Karina before her debut

And people often complimented her warm-hearted personality.

The answers Karina then wrote to her friends on her Ask account really show how genuine she is. She is such a warm and good person.

— Internet user

There are even videos of her impressive musical skills before her debut, such as a cover she made with friends showing off her singing talent.

Video before Karina’s debut | 1theK Originals/YouTube

Now Karina’s pre-debut video goes viral as it shows Karina dancing on one of them Hansol Middle Schoolfestivals.

Fancam before Karina’s debut | @karinaspics/Twitter

Along with Karina’s impressive dance moves showing off her skills before she even made her debut…

| @karinaspics/Twitter

Fans are surprised to see her classmates enthusiastically cheering for her, loudly shouting Karina’s name throughout the performance.

| @karinaspics/Twitter

Although people have commented on Karina’s incredible popularity in the past, even before she made her idol debut…

| @HIGHNOVA/Twitter

| @HIGHNOVA/Twitter

Fans were still surprised to see how many fans even “harvested” then. Especially since she was so popular that someone even took her”first ever fancamduring the school holiday.

The full cam can be viewed here.


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