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Aespa’s outfits and styling at the recent Givenchy event met with mixed reactions from internet users

“Why does it seem like everyone is at different parties?”

From the debut aspa has become one of the most talked about girl groups on K-Pop. As new as possible SM Entertainment groups, members paid attention to their talent, appearance and charming personality wherever they went.

Aespa members | @ aespa_official / Twitter

In particular, with their growing influence, it is not surprising that the group is in high demand as a representative of some of the world’s largest brands.

In February 2021, it was announced that a group of rookies (at the time) had become global brand ambassadors Givenchy. Since then, members have shone at various events and photo shoots to showcase the brand.

| @ aespa_official / Twitter

| @ aespa_official / Twitter

On September 16 (KST), the Instagram group posted photos of members on the Givenchy store to see the schedule.

All members showcased their dazzling visuals in fully contrasting outfits and looked effortlessly amidst the designer merchandise surrounding them.

| @ aespa_official / Instagram

| @ aespa_official / Instagram

However, despite their dazzling visuals, internet users have had mixed reactions to the outfits worn by members. Some pointed out that the more “experimental” the look, where the distinctive designs of the brand, and that despite the unique designs, members perfectly responded to the different styles.

Others indicated that there was no consistency between the looks and the Aespa looked much better when dressed according to their choices. In particular, after caring for an individual appearance, many have shared their concerns about how each member is dressed.

The youngest member Giselle it had a bad theme, but the different parts of the outfit didn’t work for internet users. They believed that the lack of color and variety in appearance did not allow her to shine, and many added that it looked like something out of a horror movie.

Giselle. Aespy

Winter and Karina he had brighter outfits, but to Internet users they looked like outfits from two completely different concepts. While Winter’s look seemed more casual and was something to wear, Winter was more experimental and felt like the highlight of the modern fashion show.

Aespa winter

Karina. Aespy

It was Gisellethe look that confused Internet users the most, and many said that the brand had made her dirty. While the other members had a “trendy” look, many felt that Giselle looked like she was going to work or to a professional meeting with bland and muted patterns and colors.

Giselle. Aespy

All the members of the aespa are beautiful and their looks sparkle, but Internet users believe that the outfits in no way did them justice and that they did not look comfortable at all.

You can read more about a time when internet users had mixed opinions about aespa styling.

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