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Aespy new album? SM Entertainment Girl Group confirms return THIS month

Aespy new album?  SM Entertainment Girl Group confirms return THIS month

WE, rejoice! aespa has finally confirmed its comeback, a long-awaited album after almost a year of drought.

Excited about the quartet’s new music? Check out our full details below!

aespa is taking a hiatus to release a new album

According to SM Entertainment, on March 16, aespa confirmed the release of a new album in early May. This comeback comes ten months after the release of the group’s second mini-album, Girls.

(Photo: Facebook: aespa)

This comeback has been revealed as a delayed comeback as their original schedule is February. Various internal circumstances and a dispute over the management rights of SM Entertainment, Kakao and HYBE were cited as reasons for the return delay.

It was also speculated that Lee Soo Man, founder of SM Entertainment, was the reason behind the girl group’s return delay. It was reportedly Lee Soo Man who ordered aespa’s A&R team to change the lyrics of the group’s comeback song to include references to “tree planting” and “sustainability”.

The A&R team attempted to include lyrics such as “sustainability only” and “only 1% down”, even though these themes did not fit into the group’s metaverse storyline.

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(Image credit: aespa (K-pop Wiki))

Despite the problem, the girl group organized a two-day concert “SYNK: Hyper Line” at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul. The concert ended with a great success of live performances and meeting with their fans, MYs.

During their concert, 10 unreleased songs were performed for their upcoming album.

Moreover, aespa also plans to meet their fans around the world through a series of activities following the release of their upcoming second mini-album.

aespa performs unreleased songs in concert

aespa held a concert on February 25-26 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium and performed some of the unreleased tracks: “Sweet and Salty”, “Thirsty”, “YOLO”, “Don’t Blame”, “Hot Air Balloon” and other songs without title.

In addition, aespa uploaded a short version of “Sweet and Salty” to their YouTube channel which reached 2.4 million views 3 weeks after posting.

According to the report, the return is expected later this year. However, there are no officially released concepts, title or track listing.

aespa 2023: Upcoming Group events, Activities


(Image credit: Twitter @makeitliveasia)

In addition to the announcement of their second mini-album, aespa will perform in “K-versein Manila, along with Girl’s Generation Taeyeon. It will also be the fourth generation K-pop girl group’s first visit to the Philippines.

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SM Entertainment girls at the top

(Photo: Twitter-GOT)
SM Entertainment girls at the top

Meanwhile, aespa Karina and Winter are part of SM Entertainment’s first sub-group, Girls on Top. The group consists of seven members: soloist BoA, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation, Seulgi and Wendy of Red Velvet, and two members of aespa.

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