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After Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin, will this member be the next representative of IVE?

This IVE member is taking the web by storm, showing off all sorts of charms and receiving loads of compliments.

Most recently, IVE member Liz was featured in a solo photo for Singles fashion magazine where she showed off a fresh and youthful vibe. In particular, the idol wore casual outfits such as a black jacket and white skirt, as well as a graphic turtleneck and unique knitwear.

With this image, Liz immediately won the hearts of fans around the world, freely exuding a different charm that had never been seen before. Her beautiful smile, rich facial expressions and unique deep dimples easily catch the eye.

It was reported that Liz exuded confidence during the photo shoot and received many compliments from the staff.

In a post-shooting interview, Liz also shared her feelings about IVE’s million-selling single, “After LIKE,” which was released last August.

Specifically, Liz revealed that she worked hard to convey the song’s bright energy and said: “I stood on stage without an audience, but thanks to the “After LIKE” activities, I finally met fans on music broadcasts and discovered a new joy.

She also added:My will to present music and scenes that reciprocate the interest of fans has become much stronger. I believe this is the best way to respond to the love people show for IVE.”

When asked what her motto is, Liz revealed a stronger inner side with a mature response. “Don’t be fooled. I don’t want to be shaken when I have to be clear about my opinion.”she said.

IVE became a “million seller” by selling over 1.11 million physical copies of their third single “After LIKE”, which was released in August. At the same time, the group topped the national charts and continues to prove its title as “the representative girl group of the fourth generation of Kpop”.

source: wikitree


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