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Alex Jones’s Final Attempt: Conspiracy Theorist Sanctioned for Delaying Sandy Hook Discovery on Google Analytics

Alex Jones says leftists will stage atrocities that the MAGA can blame for

A Connecticut jury is set to begin questioning evidence to decide how much conservative radio presenter Alex Jones should pay the family of victims killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootout in 2012 after he continued to spread conspiracy theory that the mass shootings left behind 26 the death of children and teachers was a hoax.

Jones is not expected to attend a Waterbury courtroom on Tuesday night, but told radio listeners on Monday night that he plans to travel to Connecticut next week for a trial that will include testimony from both him and the victims’ families.

Tuesday is the second Jones trial that a Texas jury ordered to pay nearly $ 50 million to the parents of one of the killed children last month.

The second trial will consist of six jury members and several alternates who will ultimately decide how much the conspiracy theorist should pay to the relatives of the eight victims and the FBI agent who responded to the school.

Judge Barbara Bellis found Jones responsible without trial last year after he failed to hand over the paperwork to the family’s lawyers.


The jury has been sworn in and Judge Bellis gives them instructions.


Since the orderly matters are largely settled, the court takes a morning break before the jury is brought in and the opening speeches begin.

Interestingly, Judge Bellis ruled that the sidebars in the trial could be broadcast live.


Furthermore, Judge Bellis sanctions Jones’ defense by preventing them from presenting evidence that they did not benefit from Sandy Hook’s account.


The judge accuses the defense of obstructing the discovery.

Judge Bellis is dissatisfied with Mr. Jones’ defense team, saying that they “consistently engage in obstructive discovery practices.”

Mr. Jones’s lawyers have repeatedly stated that they do not have any Google Analytics data on Sandy Hook. They then provided the data on Friday.


Who are the plaintiffs?

The plaintiffs in the Connecticut civil lawsuit are relatives:

Daniel Barden, 7 Dylan Hockley, 6 Emilie Parker, 6 Avielle Richman, 6 Benjamin Wheeler, 6 School Principal Dawn Hochsprung, 47 School Psychologist Mary Sherlach, 56 Teacher Victoria Leigh Soto, 27 FBI Agent William Aldenberg is another reason


Commencement of legal proceedings

Judge Barbara Bellis opened a trial in a court in Waterbury, Connecticut, about 18 miles from Newtown, where the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings took place.

Both sides deal with order matters before a six-person jury and a few deputies.

The case has the potential to award a greater reward than the Texas trial last month as it involves three consolidated lawsuits that were filed by 15 plaintiffs, including relatives of the nine victims and a former FBI agent who responded to the school shooting.

The four-week trial is likely to mirror the Texas case, in which most of the testimony comes from relatives of the victims about the pain and anguish they suffered as a result of Alex Jones’ fraud conspiracy allegations.


ICYMI: Lawyer Alex Jones comes in fifth in Sandy Hook’s questioning

Conspiracy theorist attorney Alex Jones pleaded his right to impeachment late last month at a Connecticut Civil Court hearing over the possible improper disclosure of confidential medical records of relatives of some of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooters.

New Haven attorney Norman Pattis declined to answer questions, citing his rights under the Fifth Amendment during a hearing as to whether he should be fined for passing confidential data to unauthorized persons – Jones’ other Texas attorneys. He denied all wrongdoing. The judge did not decide if any discipline was justified.

The hearing was linked to a lawsuit in Connecticut brought by the Sandy Hook families against Jones for calling the 2012 shootout that killed 20 children and six teachers in Newtown a hoax. State judge Barabara Bellis in Waterbury found Jones liable for the damages in November 2021, and a jury trial on the amount he should pay is scheduled to begin Tuesday.

Read the full report from Independent here:


Jones sarcastically claims he killed Sandy Hook’s victims in a hesitant chat about the libel verdict

Infowars host Alex Jones sarcastically claimed to have killed Sandy Hook’s victims in a senseless declamation about the libel verdict that spent $ 50 million against him.

Jones made an inflammatory comment, the first since losing a defamation case brought by the family of one of the students murdered in a mass shooting, during an interview with YouTube journalist Andrew Callaghan.

In an interview, a seemingly frustrated Jones replied to a question about the shooting, claiming that he was personally responsible for the deaths of 20 children and six adults killed in the 2012 Connecticut massacre.

Jones, a right-wing conspiracy theorist, was asked by Callaghan, “Do you feel responsible for what happened to the Sandy Hook families?”

“Yes, I killed the children,” Jones replied antagonistically to the question as Callaghan tried to get him to answer seriously.

Continue reading my colleague’s full report Graeme Massie below:


No limit of penal damages in Jones’ second trial

The Connecticut lawsuit alleges defamation, intentionally causing emotional distress, and violating the state’s UTPs Act. Families say when Jones talked about Sandy Hook, he grew his audience and scooped up more profits from selling supplements, clothing, and other items.

The families did not claim any specific amount of compensation, some of which may be limited by state law. However, under the Unfair Commercial Practices Act, there are no limits on damages.

In all Connecticut and Texas cases, Jones and his attorneys repeatedly failed to provide documentation to family attorneys as required. In response, the judges imposed one of the harshest sanctions in the world of civil law – finding Jones liable for damages by default without trial.


Alex Jones accused of hiding millions of dollars to avoid paying the Sandy Hook families

Alex Jones was charged with hiding millions of dollars to avoid paying compensation to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, who had been terrorized over the years because of his lies.

The families of nine victims of the 2012 mass shootings filed court papers last month, claiming that the far-right conspiracy theorist had “systematically donated millions of dollars” to himself, his relatives and the businesses he owned – all the time claiming to be bankrupt and unable to pay off your debts.

In their request, the families claim that Mr. Jones alleged that his company Free Speech Systems – the parent company of his conspiracy theory website and radio broadcast Information wars – has a “massive debt” of more than $ 50 million to PQPR Holdings.

But according to the report, the business is owned by Mr. Jones’s parents, and 72 percent of the payments to the company actually go to Mr. Jones and his family.

In the summer of 2021 – when Jones lost lawsuits brought by families in both Texas and Connecticut – he allegedly paid between $ 11,000 per day and $ 11,000 per week from Free Speech Systems to PQPR, the lawsuit was filed.

Families say up to $ 62 million was donated in lawsuits against Free Speech Systems.

Read on for the full report from The Independent Rachel Sharp below:


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