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Alex Jones’s lawyer appears to be tweeting and falling asleep during his Connecticut trial

Alex Jones’s lawyer appeared on Twitter and fell asleep earlier this week during an ongoing right-wing conspiracy sender’s compensation lawsuit in Connecticut.

Mr. Jones is in particular on trial for his false claims regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre.

On Thursday, while the proceedings to determine the amount of damages Jones owed Sandy Hook’s families were underway, attorney Norm Pattis appeared on Twitter. Pattis was apparently commenting on the news that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had helped coordinate two planes full of illegal migrants to be dispatched to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

“It will be fun to watch,” wrote Pattis as the trial continued, HuffPost reporter Sebastian Murdock noted.

The courtroom broadcasts also showed that Mr Pattis was apparently dozing off during the compensation trial on Tuesday.

Independent contacted Mr. Pattis for comment.

The compensation lawsuit, the second Jones after he was ordered to pay nearly $ 50 million in August, in a similar case in Texas, a difficult start began.

Him and his lawyers were fined within minutes a trial that began this week after a judge ruled that they had handed over important records of their internet traffic, and thus were able to make any arguments in the trial that Infowars was not making significant profit from the false claims made about Sandy Hook.

Jones’s legal efforts were at times like a circus. In August, his lawyers accidentally reversed the two-year value of sms on the opposite side.

Mr. Pattis was not the only one who apparently had an eye on migrant flights to Martha’s Vineyard.

The role of Governor DeSantis in sending airplaneswho was carrying 50 Venezuelan migrants, has been criticized as abusing the immigration system and a waste of taxpayers’ money. Some of those flying said National Public Radio thought they were sent to Boston to get work papers.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, a member of the governorate’s administration, criticized DeSantis and in a letter urged the Department of Justice to investigate the “disgusting” flight plan.

“Using people as political pawns, as Governor Desantis did, is morally reprehensible and deserves immediate investigation and appropriate action,” she wrote in her letter.

The Florida governor defended the flights.

“If you have people who are inclined to think Florida is a good place, our message to them is that we are not a sanctuary state and it is better to be able to go to sanctuary jurisdiction.” – DeSantis He said on Wednesday. “Yes, we will help you to facilitate this transport so that you can go to greener pastures.”

“We take what is happening at the southern border very seriously – unlike some, and unlike the President of the United States who refused to lift a finger to secure that border,” he added.


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