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All BTS look handsome AF in turtleneck sweaters, but they all exude completely different vibes

When it comes to trendy artists, BTS they are definitely idols who know how to dress. Along with their unreal visuals and talent, they have a charisma that can pull in any look and make them look ready for the runway.

The group in particular often changes the same look, and here’s how each member wears a turtleneck with completely different vibes.


As for the RM leader, there is something sexy and corporate about the way he wears his turtlenecks. In addition to being an idol, RM could easily be the CEO of a huge company that exudes truth Steve Jobs‘ vibrates with his appearance.

Whether as a standalone piece or worn with a statement coat, the RM has mature vibes that make it look like it’s ready for a long day at work. She also has an approachable aura, radiating warmth with her facial expressions and her choice of hairstyles.

2. Jina

Jin is not afraid to try different colors and styles of turtlenecks. Pairing them with a pair of glasses, Jin definitely radiates a boyish vibe whenever she wears them. His styling is perfect for a date in a cafe or a walk in the park on an autumn day.

However, switching to black creates a completely different aura that transforms Jin from boyfriend to movie star at the movie premiere. Like RM, he opts for the classic combination of a turtleneck and plain coat, which, depending on the color, can radiate boyfriend.

3. Suga

As for Suga, she definitely oozes boyfriend material when she’s wearing turtlenecks. Most often, Suga contrasts colors, but also experiments with patterns. Unlike the other members, Suga tends to wear oversized turtleneck sweaters which seem perfect for winter.

However, that doesn’t stop him from sending ARMY into meltdown as he opts for tighter cuts or adds his own look, looking more like a bad boy than the cuddly toy he usually has.

4. J. Hope

J-Hope is definitely more like a “handsome student” with his golf look. Like Suga, when not wearing them for photo shoots, J-Hope usually combines different colors and designs to create something more unique and bright, just like an idol’s personality.

But a few minutes later, he changes to a “hot student” vibe when he swaps his coats for a leather or bomber jacket. He exudes a bad boy vibe, but J-Hope’s charming and positive personality breaks that stereotype.

5. Jimin

If you spotted Jimin wearing a turtleneck, sunglasses and a leather jacket, you would fall in love with him without a doubt. In this combination, Jimin is really killer, he looks like someone from an exclusive club or a famous celebrity.

However, change the style of the jacket Jimin wears and the idol really does exude a boy vibe. With softer colors and materials, Jimin definitely has that “boy next door” vibe and is someone everyone wants to be friends with.


V is often seen wearing a turtleneck sweater, and each time he causes the internet to crash with his appearance. Like RM, V apparently exudes a corporate vibe and looks like someone who runs a big company. However, he would be the kind of boss who takes his employees out for drinks and creates a positive work environment.

However, give a V turtleneck a different color, and while he’s still crush-worthy, he turns into someone you either want to hang out with or into someone incredibly dangerous. V even went viral wearing a brown turtleneck and really stands out in this fashion statement.

7. Jungkook

Despite being the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook’s turtlenecks are definitely killer. On stage or at parties, Jungkook chooses much tighter sweaters. Paired with a simple coat, its look definitely exudes a celebrity vibe.

But don’t worry, if you give Jungkook a lighter colored turtleneck, he can definitely feel more approachable with his boyfriend vibes. Fortunately, this doesn’t take away from its handsome graphics and makes it even more dazzling with color.

Same cut, different vibes


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