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All the stars who went to the first day of the IU “Golden Hour” concert

Beloved by everyone, it is no surprise that fans have been able to see a few celebrities attending the event IU‘s The Golden Hour concert. Many idols and actors have expressed their deep love for IU and these are all the stars who attended the first day The Golden Hour.

1. Jungkook BTS

The most famous IU fanboy, BTS‘s JungkookI wouldn’t miss this legendary concert for nothing else in the world.

2. Former KARA member Kang Jiyoung

| @ kkangjji_ / Instagram

Ex PENALTY member This is JiyoungPictures from the IU concert perfectly reflect the beautiful atmosphere where IU shines brightest.

3. Actor Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun she is one of IU’s closest friends and always supports her no matter what she does.


4. Soloist Rothy

| @ rothy_ming / Instagram

Rothylike many artists, she was inspired by IU’s music and Rothy will continue to work hard to touch the hearts of fans in the same way.

5. Beomgyu and Soobin from TXT

Soobin (left) and Beomgyu (right) | @ xt_member/Twitter

text‘s Beomgyu and Soobin They couldn’t help but fanboy the Weverse at the urging of MOA and poured endless praise on IU.

6. VIVIZ Umji

| ummmmm_j.i / Instagram

He did LIVE‘s Umji do you know that heaven during a concert would be completely magical?

7. Seulong at 2am

| @ Lsod.d / Instagram


2 a.m.‘s Seulong and IU’s relationship goes back and continues to support each other to this day.

8. Actors Anupam Tripathi, Kim Min Seok and Park Ju Hyun

Anupam Tripathi (left), Park Ju Hyun (center), Kim Min Seok (right) | @ charmgirl_1005 / Instagram

IU collects idols and actors such as Pokemon and Anupam Tripathi With Squid games, Kim Min Seok With My Lordand Park Joo Hyun With Seoul climate are no exception.

9. Jeongyeon TWICE


Normally spoiler fairy, TWICE‘s Jeongyeon will not tell the ONCEs any details about the IU concert until the end of day two. But considering everyone else’s reactions, there’s no question that this was anything less than perfection.

10. The child actor Lim Seung Soo

Acting in Broker with IU, Lim Seung Soo proves that you are never too young to adore IU.

11. Joochan. Golden Child

| @Hi_Goldenness/Twitter

golden child‘s Joochan is another idol who was in tears during the IU concert. The experience has left such a deep impression that he hopes that someday there will be such an emotional concert with Goldenness.

12. Actress Yoo Inna


will be in on she is IU’s closest friend and muse and although there are no photos of her at the concert, she was spotted in section 18.

As IU’s best friend, there’s no way she’s going to miss the show and we can’t wait to see if any interactions behind the scenes will be revealed.

13. Minions of the Secret Number

| @tablic numer.official / Instagram

Secret number‘s Minji posted on the Weverse about her presence and her crying caption is totally linked.

| weaver

14. ITZY

ITZY they attended the IU concert not only as fans, but also as guests. It is a great honor to be a guest performer of IU, and ITZY did not disappoint, proving why it represents the performance.

You can read more about ITZA’s guest appearance here:

ITZY makes a guest appearance at the IU concert “The Golden Hour” – fans love their friendship



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