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Amid Music Income Controversy, Lee Seung Gi Returns to Variety Shows with ‘Master in the House 2’

While his feud with HOOK Entertainment continues, Lee Seung Gi continues to run his broadcasting business as planned.

YTN Star reported that Lee Seung Gi will join the first filming of SBS’s “Master in the House Season 2” variety show. According to some officials, Lee Seung Gi plans to attend the show as planned.

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Previously, Lee Seung Gi made headlines when he sent HOOK a certificate of content requesting disclosure of details about his music income. Lee Seung Gi is estimated to have grossed a total of 9.6 billion won from 27 albums in the past 18 years since the release of his debut song “Because You’re My Woman” in 2004. However, the actor claimed to have received a 0 win from HOOK, sparking controversy. As guitarist Lee Byung Ho revealed that Lee Seung Gi cried a lot because of the settlement issue, fans are deeply saddened and worried.

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Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi has gained attention by displaying a bold look amid controversy. Viewers are raising expectations for more laughs from long-time members of the “Master in the House” team in the new season.

Master in the House, which first aired in 2017, ended its first season in September after five years of airing.

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With production confirmed, “Master in the House Season 2” is reorganized and the first recording is scheduled to begin. The production team also discusses the first air date in the aftermath of the World Cup season.

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