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An actress who was so busy it took her 8 years to graduate from Yonsei University

Actress Park Gyu-young first entered the entertainment industry in 2016 with Jo Kwon’s music video “Crosswalk”. Since then, she has been active through internet drama and various works.

Park Gyu-young, a ’13 Yonsei University – Department of Clothing and Environment fellow, was selected as a cover model for the university magazine in 2015 prior to her debut. She began her career in the entertainment industry after contacting JYP Entertainment.

Since that time Park Gyu-young has been busy performing at least 5 works per year. In the SBS historical drama of 2019, “The Flower of the Nokdu” gained attention for its elegant beauty and acting skills.

And in the following year 2020, she made a big impression as an actress with two works, “There’s nothing wrong with it” and “Sweet Home”. However, normal school attendance must have been difficult due to the busy schedule.

Nevertheless, Park Gyu-young, who had not dropped out of college and had replenished her credits from time to time, reportedly went to school even during her performance in “It’s Not Alright.”

Park Gyu-young finally graduated from school after 8 years of admission last February. At the same time as graduating from college, she took a step forward as an actress, appearing in the dramas “The Judge The Devil” and “Dali and the Conceited Prince.”

Actress Park Gyu-young, who is well received for her role, who perfectly portrays unique characters in all of her work, is busy with Netflix’s “Celebrity” and “Sweet Home” series due out next year.

Source: daum


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