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Andrew Cuomo files a complaint accusing the New York State Attorney General of improperly investigating sexual abuse

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo filed a state ethics complaint Wednesday, alleging that New York Attorney General Letitia James had deliberately misdirected an investigation which revealed that he sexually harassed multiple state employees.

Mr. Cuomo, who comes from the New York political dynasty, resigned as governor shortly before the investigation was published. An investigation, led by Ms James, found that Mr. Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women while serving as governor and unlawfully took revenge on one of his former advisers, Lindsey Boylen, for her charges against him.

Now, however, Mr. Cuomo is trying to save his reputation by seeking a possible political return. Since the beginning of the year, he has devoted a lot to television advertising promoting his achievements, has appeared in many black churches and has repeatedly criticized the way he was treated in the last months of his tenure as governor.

The ethical complaint, alleging that Ms James “cynically manipulated the legal process for personal political gain,” takes further criticism of the investigation that ultimately led to its collapse.

Mr. Cuomo claims that Mrs. James and the pair of outside lawyers who investigated breached professional ethics by defaming him.

“Basically, the Attorney General and her investigators released a deliberately inaccurate and misleading report on August 3, 2021 … bombastically and repeatedly suggesting that I sexually harassed eleven women, even though the allegations made by most of the eleven women did not constitute harassment under state law. or federal, even assuming argue the truth of these allegations “- we read in the complaint.

The complaint contains excerpts not only about the nature of the investigation, but also from comments by Mrs. James following the resignation of Mr. Cuomo.

“Serial sex attacker Andrew Cuomo will not even spare a prayer house from his lies … [e]although many independent investigations found his victims credible, Cuomo was not put in the line; resigned so as not to be indicted, “the complaint quotes Ms James in March 2022.” New Yorkers are ready to move forward with this sick, pathetic man. “

Mrs. James briefly entered the governorate run after Mr. Cuomo’s resignation, but was dropped out of the race shortly after, and continues to serve as Attorney General. He is running for re-election in November.

While his return to the public scene fueled speculation that Mr. Cuomo might try to get his old job back in the November governorate elections, Mr. Cuomo himself did not attempt to run for office himself. However, he hinted that he was interested in running again in the future.

The charges against Mr. Cuomo included groping, inappropriate remarks and an unwanted kiss. One of his accusers, Charlotte Bennett, sued him and three of his former advisers in federal court on Wednesday.

“My career as a government official was abruptly cut short of sexual harassment and retaliation against Governor Cuomo and his key associates after I filed a complaint about Governor Cuomo’s misconduct,” said Ms Bennett in a statement released Wednesday by New York Times. “Everyone must be held accountable for their actions.”


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