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Angela Baby and Lin Yi Get Caught in More Dating Rumors, Neither Party Released Official Announcement

The news that she is dating an actor with a 10-year difference after her divorce surprises C-internauts.

Chinese social media has become increasingly frantic for the true identities of the pair of lovers, who are said to be a top female star and a young, rising actor who is said to be starring alongside “Yimou Girl” ).

From the leaked information, C-internauts are calling Angela Baby and Lin Yi because Angela is one of the single actresses in her cohort besides Yang Mi, Zhao Liying and Ni Ni. Moreover, Lin Yi is the only actor who has collaborated with “Yimou girl” Liu Haocun so far.

angela baby lin yi
Angela Baby and Lin Yi are the most talked about characters in this rumor

The duo were caught up in a similar round of rumors back in April this year. In a clip circulating on social media, Angela Baby and Lin Yi were allegedly caught on a date at an internet cafe in Shanghai. Soon after, the poster clarified that Angela’s assistant was with her, not Lin Yi.

angela baby lin yi
Allegedly, they were together in an Internet cafe
angela baby lin yi
A text message allegedly from the owner of the establishment confirmed that Angela’s accompanying person was not Lin Yi, but her assistant

Despite this, Lin Yi has repeatedly expressed his admiration for his senior in their appearances on the reality show “Keep Running”. The 23-year-old actor openly confessed his feelings to a 10-year-old senior.

At the moment, Lin Yi’s fans strongly deny the rumors. Angela Baby and Lin Yi, on the contrary, did not comment on this.

angela baby lin yi
The young actor confessed his feelings to his senior and set her image as the avatar of his social account
angela baby lin yi
The couple have great chemistry in the reality show they starred in

source: Sina, Weibo


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