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Anna Wintour smiles and taps her foot on Lil Nas X’s performance in a viral video: “I’ve never seen Anna smile”

The recording of Anna Wintour dancing in her seat for the performance of Lil Nas X amused viewers, and many say it was the first time they saw Fashion editor’s smile.

The clip that was shared on TikTok by Aerial Harris, which appears in the app under the username @xoaerialxo, was recorded in “Fashion Worldwide party in New York’s Meatpacking District Monday to celebrate Fashion130th anniversary.

In the film, Wintour, who wore a patterned floor-length skirt, a red blouse and her signature dark sunglasses for the occasion, could be seen sitting in the front row on a cobbled catwalk, with Lil Nas X next to her on one side and Serena Williams on the other .

As the opening notes of the rapper’s “Industry Baby” song sounded, Williams started clapping her hands while Wintour turned to Lil Nas X, who then began singing the song from his seat next to her.

The start of the show was met with a brief smile from Wintour as she stamped her feet to the beat.

The 23-year-old singer, who was dressed in wide-legged silver metal pants and a tight-fitting blouse decorated with sequins, rose from his seat and began singing a song in earnest.

On TikTok, where the music video was watched over 3.4 million times, viewers shared their joy of the movie, with many praising Lil Nas X for making Wintour smile while others expressed their joy at the magazine editor’s dance moves.

“He made Anna smile,” one person wrote in the comments, while another said, “I’ve never seen Anna smile.”

“NO ANNA WINTOUR STOPSING ON THE BEAT !!!” someone else wrote.

The film also prompted one person to suggest that the film captured the closest Wintour to “ever vent”.

“Anna is delighted,” said one viewer, and another said, “Awww, look how she stomps her foot.”

According to someone else, Wintour’s subtle dance moves were proof that she was having a good time. “Tapping Anna’s foot is the ultimate approval,” they wrote.

Lil Nas X’s performance at this event also proved to be just one of the reasons Wintour smiled as another video uploaded by Harris showed that Fashion editor talking to the rapper as they sat next to each other.

“It’s safe to say Anna is a fan,” wrote Mrs. Harris in the film’s caption.

The film caused amusement among viewers, and many agreed that the usually stoic Wintour seemed to like the rapper.

“Why have I never seen Anna so happy or intrigued,” remarked one person.

Lil Nas X’s presence on Fashion the event takes place after he made his New York Fashion Week debut earlier this week as he walked the catwalk at the Coach’s Spring / Summer 2023 show on September 12.


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