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Arin from OH MY GIRL draws attention with her amazing physique and abs

It went unnoticed because of her innocent image.

O MY GIRL‘s Arin she is known for her innocent image. Since her debut, she has been loved as a treasure of the group Maknae.

While fans are often mesmerized by her clean features and clear skin, they overlook the fact that she has a rocking body! Although not overtly sexual, her body is perfect for many girls, with a narrow waist and balanced hip line.

In addition to the perfect waist-to-hip ratio, she also boasts slim shoulders and angular shoulders. Recently, Arin was also seen with rock-hard abs. It has those coveted 11-abs that many are looking for.

Her lower back is also marked by a crack in the middle.

Arin is known for doing pilates to keep her toned figure. She has also been blessed with pear-shaped genetics, making her hips wider compared to her slim figure.

Internet users wholeheartedly agree with this statement!

  • “Arin has always been famous for her figure. Why are people surprised?”
  • “Arin’s character has been good from the past. Her character is truly legendary.”
  • “You can’t achieve that by being thin. Arin has lost weight thanks to exercise, so her figure is even prettier. She’s slim, but the waist-to-hip line is really pretty. I’m jealous.”

Arin is proof that the best way to lose weight beautifully is not starvation, but consistent exercise and care.


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