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ARMY proves that good things come to those who wait for Jin Streamy BTS to “get it through with Bennett Foddy” after 5 years

Good things really come to those who wait patiently …

BTS‘s Jin arranged a live broadcast of the games in honor RM‘birthday. Currently, Jin is in Los Angeles, California, so he couldn’t celebrate with him in person.

At the time, ARMYs did not know that this would result in one of the most legendary and chaotic live broadcasts in history. He broke the record for the longest live BTS as it lasted over 3 hours and another record for the number of viewers at the peak!

It’s all thanks to the game Overcoming it with Bennett Foddy. This is a climbing game that pays tribute JazzuoB-Game classic from 2002 Sexy hiking.

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This game is a fighting game for everyone who plays it.

It was no different with Jin.

This isn’t the first time Jin has broadcast his game live. In 2017, he played video games with ARMY.

He mentioned playing Overcoming it with Bennett Foddy but not because of “no time,” much to the disappointment of ARMYs. One ARMY in particular has expressed its concern that Jin has not decided to play.

Now five years have passed and Jin has finally played Overcoming it with Bennett Foddy. It also resulted in the most epic live broadcast of all time.

So it certainly proves that good things come to those who wait. The ARMIA in question even cited the original Twitter post.

There is definitely a lesson in delayed gratification here.

See below for more ARMY reactions to Jin’s game livestream.

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