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ARMYs aren’t just fans of BTS’ Jimin – they’re friends

ARMYs aren’t just fans of BTS’ Jimin – they’re friends

Jimin really is the best!

BTSThe ARMY fandom means a lot more to members than just that.

BTS concert

Some idols may claim to love their fans, but BTS honestly does. Hell, even Jungkook he has the word “ARMY” tattooed on his arm!

Jungkook | GREAT MUSIC

So it shouldn’t be surprising that Jimin revealed that he considers ARMY to be more than just fans.

In an exclusive interview with Korean VogueJimin shared his relationship with ARMY. He described it as a ten-year friendship.

I’ve been friends with these fans for a full decade now – not a short period of time by any means.

— Jimin


Since Jimin and ARMYs have been friends for so long, he believes they are capable of truly empathizing with each other. They really care for each other.

It may take more time before we can fully understand each other, but we have been together long enough to understand and support each other’s thoughts, feelings and needs. The more time I spend cultivating these relationships, the more important ARMY members become to me.

— Jimin

BTS and ARMY are true soul mates!



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