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ASTRO clears up false rumors about Rocky’s activities

Fantagio has officially commented on rumors regarding member Rocky’s activities.

On November 24, the company released an official statement via the group’s official Twitter account.

The statement reads:

Hi. This is Fantagio.

Firstly, we would like to apologize to AROHA who may have been affected by the content circulating on the internet about our artist Rocky and inform you that all content regarding Rocky’s activity stoppage is not true.

We expressed our complaint against the brand that spreads false information about the discontinuation of Rocky’s activities, which we did not mention once. We asked and waited for a corrective statement and an apology.

However, it has been decided that we cannot wait any longer and therefore we are making an official statement. We ask for your understanding in the tardiness of the official announcement on this matter.

Fantagio will do everything we can to protect our artists. Show lots of love and interest to our artists.

Thank you.

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