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ATEEZ Jongho’s shower photo sends ATINY to Whiplash: “He’s so cute I’m going to cry”

ATEEZ Jongho drove ATINY crazy with his last post. The ATEEZ member is known for dressing comfortably while maintaining a conservative demeanor, which is why his recent photo has taken his fans by surprise.

What he did?

The latest photo of ATEEZ Jongho leaves ATINY in awe

jongho mentioned once on a radio talk show that she has a conservative style which is surprising when she decides to show some skin.

This is one of Jongho’s charms that makes him sympathetic to ATINA because they respect his way of dressing.

But in Jongho’s recent post, member ATEEZ dropped a picture of him with a bare shoulder, damp hair, and a towel over his shoulder.

It had little exposure, but it was enough to drive fans crazy!

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(Photo credit: Instiz)
ATEEZ Jongho

The photo shocked fans, given that ATINY’s are used to seeing it oversized and loose.

The photo also showed his expression in which he expressed naked confidence, charming ATINY even more.

With the viral post spreading across the fandom, their reactions are insane.

See the funny tweets below:

Meanwhile, ATEEZ member San also tweeted his reaction to Jongho’s selfie!

Unable to hide her astonishment, the photo was well received by fans and idols alike.

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ATEEZ Jongho

(Photo: Facebook: ATEEZ)

This event shows how commendable Jongho’s confidence is when taking selfies, performing on stage and showing his true love to his fans!

ATEEZ’s debut, becoming the fourth generation leader with his talent and stage performance

ATEEZ is well known for his astonishing performances and immense talent. The visuals are given, not to mention the fan love for their discography.

ATEEZ features amazing songs that can resonate with ATINA in no time, making them more loved than they are.


(Image: Instagram: @ateez_official_)
ATEEZ Mingi Net Worth 2022: How much has the group’s lead rapper earned so far?

The boy group consists of eight members, namely Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Junho.

KQ Entertainment made their debut with a group of boys on October 24, 2018, where they won the hearts of the audience with their wild and passionate performances.

What is your reaction to the photo of ATEEZ Jongho?

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