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ATEEZ’s Jongho once again drives fans crazy with an unexpected shower selfie

The American air is already reaching him 😂

Lately, ATEEZ‘s Maknae jongho went viral on social media for just sitting on stage looking incredibly sexy.

And now he has once again driven fans crazy by posting just one selfie!

Jonho (ATEEZ)

Jongho has long been known as one of the more conservatively dressed members of ATEEZ, usually wearing blazers, oversized jackets, and other such outfits. This is what he feels most comfortable with and we respect that about him!

For this reason, it is even more surprising when she decides to expose any amount of skin. And that’s why a recently shared shower selfie has ATINY going wild on social media.

The photo doesn’t really show much – just a glimpse of his bare shoulder along with damp hair and a towel over the opposite shoulder – but the confidence on his face along with the rare glimmer of skin is definitely a gift for the fans.

The mentioned Jongho selfie

Reposts of the image are widely shared on Twitter by ATINY who can’t help but be shocked.

Fan comments are also crazy, although also extremely related!

Even a friend san couldn’t help but express his shock at this selfie!

Signature: Jongho…!!!!

Who knows what else is going on at ATEEZ Team: Break the wall world tour will treat fans??


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