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‘Back in 5 days’ – Red Velvet fans call on SM Entertainment for no ‘birthday’ promotions

Fans demand better treatment.

Red velvet are currently preparing for their comeback, ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday. Fans were blown away by the stunning trailers, even noticing something out of the ordinary Irenesolo teasers that they believe may play a role in the group’s plot.

red velvet | @RVsmtown/Twitter

The title track, “Birthday”, will also be sampled George Gershwin“Rhapsody in Blue”, which excites fans even more since Red Velvet proved that they are masters of sampling classical music in their hits.

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

But despite all the excitement about the upcoming comeback, fans are expressing their frustration SM Entertainmentbirthday promotions.

When SM Entertainment placed pre-orders for two versions of the upcoming album, the limited version of “Cake” and the regular version of “Photo Book”, “Cake” sold out in less than an hour, selling approximately 5,000 copies.

Cake version.

Photobook version.

Fans were frustrated that the limited edition album was not replenished as how quickly the limited edition album sold out was indicative of high demand.

Fans were also frustrated with the type of promotions SM Entertainment was making available for the upcoming comeback. While the mood picker and trailer images are stunning, fans believe SM Entertainment is allowing too much time to pass before new promotional material is made available.

But what fans are most concerned about right now is that despite the release of “Birthday” on November 28, fans still don’t have the necessary details about the album. While many fans have already pre-ordered, others are waiting to see what extras will come to the albums and what the different versions of the albums will look like. That’s why fans feel it’s unfair that SM Entertainment hasn’t revealed details about the album yet.

Fans are frustrated with promotions, or rather the lack of them, especially since the return is less than a week away.

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