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Bae Suzy gives a glimpse of her trip to Tokyo in a new vlog – here’s what she’s planning

Bae Suzy posted a vlog during her stay in Tokyo. The singer and actress recently visited the city and it turns out that she is excited to finish filming, while also appreciating the time spent there.

The vlog featured “Nation’s First Love” eating breakfast in her room before heading off on schedule.

Suzy shows off a trip to Tokyo in a new vlog

In a recent video, singer and actress Suzy showed her fans her time in Tokyo. She posted a new vlog on Wednesday, November 23.

There, Suzy prepared pasta to eat with her companions, discussing personality types in relation to food.

(Photo: Bae Suzy Instagram)

As expected, netizens were quick to express their thoughts on the star’s video.

“Why is Bae Suzy so pretty and fun to eat with…♡”

“I watch Lee Duna Bae Suzy’s vlog 941010 times while watching…”

“Stay healthy, be careful not to catch a cold and keep fighting for momentum…”

It’s the most healing movie I’ve seen this year.”

“Thank you for being born to clear your eyes and mind.”

Thanks also to all the staff.”

“The real Suzy is just an angel.”

“It was so fun that 7 minutes passed quickly”

“I will have to watch this 1010 more times in the future”

“I’m really tired because I have so many things to do these days, but seeing Unnie’s face is the most healing.”

In addition to the noodles, the singer also ate kimbap and noted that it would be the third mukbang ramen she would eat in Tokyo.

After Suzy and the crew have finished their meal, they head off to finish their planned shoot.

Watch this singer’s cute mukbang video in Tokyo!

Suzy as “Nation’s First Love”

Before becoming an actress, Suzy was a member of the JYP Entertainment girl group miss A. Even though the group was successful in its time, as evidenced by their debut single, there were still many events that caused the group to break up.

After the breakup of the group, Suzy dared to take up acting and chose this profession as a starting point in her career path.

Bae Suzy returns with a self-composed song after 7 months... Single

(Photo: Bae Suzy Instagram)

The entertainment industry has never been easy for anyone. Thanks to the competitive atmosphere, this has influenced how Bae Suzy has shaped herself personally and professionally throughout her career.

In an interview, she openly stated that she struggles to enjoy life as it is, given her busy schedule and commitment to the profession.

I just worked hard on my goals, not sparing myself

She added that it is important for her to find small moments of happiness in her life.

Bae Suzy’s acting career, achievements

Bae Suzy’s debut role in the teen musical drama “Dream High” was well-received, winning Best Newcomer Actress and Best Couple Award at the KBS Drama Awards.

With her rise in popularity, several shows emerged that propelled her to stardom, such as “Uncontrollably Fond”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Vagabond” and “Start-Up”.

Suzy fans would love to see more, and they won’t have to wait as “The Girl Downstairs” is coming to Netflix later this year!

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