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BamBam from GOT7 talks about his first love and heart that breaks the way their relationship ended

GOT7‘s BamBam is currently one of the five MCs of the reality show Swap (also known as Transit Love 2)TVING’s dating show that brings couples who have broken up together and gives them the chance to fall in love again or find someone new.

BamBam GOT7 | @Bambamxabyss/Twitter

EXchange promotional flyer (also known as Transit Love 2).

Along Girls day‘s Yura, Simon D, Lee Yong Jinand Kim Ye wonBamBam talks about the activities of various participants in the program, while commenting on their own lives.

During one part of episode 12, the MCs watched and discussed the relationship between the two contestants when BamBam commented that “Goodbye. To take care.”Was something he wanted to hear from his ex. When one of the other MCs interrogates him, BamBam admits his ex just disappeared!

When asked if she was a ghost for him, BamBam explains that she didn’t and explains that they were both apprentices, possibly in JYP Entertainment. The girl was a foreigner, so when she was eliminated from the internship process, she had to go home, but she left without saying goodbye.

BamBam from GOT7 (left) and Mark Tuan (right) as interns at JYP Entertainment.

BamBam confessed that he couldn’t even call what happened a breakup because she had just disappeared. He then admits that she was his first love and it seems that the experience deeply affected him. He admits that the inability to say goodbye also saddened him.

Simon D felt sorry for him, saying that “it hurts more when it’s your first love“Before brightening the moment by saying”to take care”To BamBam, as he always wanted to hear!

Although they ended sadly, hopefully BamBam also has some beautiful memories of his first love to keep in mind!


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