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Best of Seulgi: The amazing vocal moments of Red Velvet lead dancer

Have you heard the news that Red Velvet’s main dancer, a bear who lives there, is performing a solo? One of the most versatile and well-trained K-pop idols in the industry, Seulgi is also known to be versatile with her many talents and strong stage presence.

She is best known as an amazing dancer, but she is also a great singer and this is what we will focus on in this article.

Sophisticated singing skills of Red Velvet Seulgi

We go back to their early days when Red Velvet performed on the famous KBS show at the “Immortal Songs 2” singing contest for veteran singer.

(Photo: Instagram: @hi_sseulgi)

Seulgi unveiled her versatile voice along with her fellow members Wendy and Joy, who now have solo albums. They sang the ballad song “Goodbye”.

The three members of Red Velvet sang the song perfectly and were praised by the co-participants, host and songwriter.

Red Velvet Seulgi Singing Moments: “The King of the Masked Singer”

If it’s not obvious yet, Red Velvet Seulgi loves to sing ballads. She sang another ballad in the famous MBC series “King of Mask Singer”.

Singing “Turning the Pages of Memories”, the vocalist “Monster” delighted not the audience but also the panel, because they were surprised that she can sing as wonderfully as she has just presented.

Seulga Red Velvet

(Photo: Instagram: @hi_sseulgi)

Meanwhile, fans point out that her position in Red Velvet is just the main vocal, so good singers of Red Velvet.

Red Velvet Seulgi sings English songs

Many times, Red Velvet’s vocal line sings them live on Instagram. During one of their concerts last year, in December 2021, Seulgi sang Adele’s song “Easy On Me” effortlessly.

Although she didn’t hide the entire song, it only takes 1 minute of a 22-second song for fans like Reveluvs to praise her.

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Seulga Red Velvet

(Photo: Instagram: @hi_sseulgi)

They also noticed that Seulgi’s English has improved and can be that native speaker when he sings.

Another short cover of the great Seulga ballad is singing the song of the legendary diva “I Have Nothing” in KBS 2 “Yoo Hiyeol’s Sketchbook”.

Wendy’s expression says it all. She is really proud of her best friend and bandmate because Seulgi recorded the cover, even if it was just a chorus.

Seulgi hit all the right notes while keeping the emotion and showing how the song should be sung.

Lastly, the infamous Aladdin OST “Speechless” Naomi Scott, which was probably sung by most of the female idols, was also covered by Red Velvet Seulgi.

Additionally, Seulgi sang another Disney song “I See The Light” by Mandy Moore from the movie “Tangled”.

Red Velvet Seulgi girdling the “tears” of Irene

Naughty singer sang So Wanhee’s infamous super tall song “Tears.” Seulgi not only showed that she can break these really high marks, but also did them without stopping and taking short breaks.

Seulga Red Velvet

(Photo: Instagram: @hi_sseulgi)
Seulga Red Velvet

In the same episode, Seulgi also sang “Take Care of Me”, making them score high and eventually defeat Wendy and Yeri.

For all the Seulga fans who have come this far in this article, here’s a little bonus video for you! Watch a member of Red Velvet prove himself to be the ace of his group.

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