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Biden says US will defend Taiwan but denies ‘One China’ policy has changed

President Joe Biden said US troops would stand up for Taiwan in the event of an attack by the People’s Republic of China, but stressed that the long-standing US policy towards the island had not changed under his rule.

Mr. Biden told CBS News ” 60 minutes Scott Pelley’s correspondent that the US continues to abide by the policies set out in a series of diplomatic notes between Washington and Beijing and the Jimmy Carter Relationship with Taiwan Act, whereby the United States admits that “all Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait maintain only one China and Taiwan is part of China ”but does not recognize Beijing’s sovereignty over the island, maintaining informal but close ties with Taipei.

“We agree with what we signed up to a long time ago. And that there is one policy towards China and that Taiwan is judging its independence, “Biden said, adding that the United States is” not encouraging “the Taiwan government to declare its independence from the continent.

But when Pelley insisted on whether US forces would intervene to defend Taiwan from the Chinese invasion, Biden replied, “Yes, if there was indeed an unprecedented attack.”

The CBS said White House officials later explained that US policy of engaging troops in Taiwan’s defense – a policy long based on ambiguity – remains unchanged, but Biden once again expressed a different view.

Pelley then pushed Biden further, asking him to distinguish Taiwan’s hypothetical defense from US support for Ukraine, which saw no US forces involved in helping Kiev repel Russian invasion forces.

He asked, “So unlike Ukraine, to be clear, sir, would American forces, American men and women defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion?”

Mr. Biden replied, “Yes.”


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