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“Big Mouth” and “Włóczęga”: the same production team, similar tragedies

As Big Mouth came to an end, many fans started pointing to parallels between his drama and Vagabond.

Lee Jong Suk and Yoona are perfect for K’s romantic dramas because they are a “visual couple” who have a lot of experience in this field. That is why, when the two announced their collaboration on the K-drama “Big Mouth”, many fans began to expect many lovely moments between the couple.

When “Big Mouth” starts, viewers are thrilled with the romantic scenes by Lee Jong Suk and Yoona, which are retold in flashbacks. Unfortunately, it only takes a few episodes before the tragedy takes over the rest of the right. Ultimately, even though Big Mouth was a great series with a 13.7% audience share, it was not a happy watch simply because most of the K-drama is full of anxiety.


In particular, Lee Jong Suk and Yoona play husband and wife in “Big Mouth”, but all of their sweet moments last only a few minutes, and the finale even killed one of them. They were a wonderful couple who had intense chemistry, great confidence and overwhelming love, and no kissing scene was shown.

Eventually, after centuries of staying apart, fighting evil, and overcoming adversity together, Yoona’s heroine Go Mi Ho found out she had late-stage cancer and died, while Lee Jong Suk’s character, Park Chang Ho, was mistaken for the criminal “Big Mouse” became “Big Mouse” himself. Sure, he had the power at the end of the series, but the evil was still there and he was alone without a wife – so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this couple one of the most tragic of all time.


After watching the shocking finale of “Big Mouth”, viewers noticed that the writers of the drama were Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon. It just so happened that the duo also wrote another famous drama with the controversial ending “Włóczęga”.

In “Vagabond,” the main characters Cha Dal Gun and Go Hae Ri, played by Lee Seung Gi and Suzy, also encountered many dangers and pitfalls from their enemies, such as Lee Jong Suk and Yoon in “Big Mouth”. The “Vagabond” ends on a cliff. The thrilling development of the drama stops when viewers are on the edge of their seats, making them miss another season. However, three years have passed since the premiere of the first season, and plans for a second season have yet to be announced.

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Honestly, Cha Dal Gun and Go Hae Ri are still a bit more fortunate than Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho. They fight side by side in each episode. Most importantly, they are not permanently separated and there is still a chance of their reunion. Meanwhile, the death of Go Mi Ho in the “Big Mouth” tore the hearts of viewers. Not even an open ending, the writers made viewers experience the saddest ending.

Both “Big Mouth” and “The Drifter” are undeniably good at engaging dramas with perfectly cast actors, but different endings could make both dramas more complete, rather than provoking negative reactions. Following the conclusion of Big Mouth, many viewers ask Lee Jong Suk and Yoona to reunite in a carefree romantic comedy to compensate for their unfinished romance in Big Mouth.

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