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“Big Mouth” by Lee Jong-suk “Request for a divorce paper, the scene that captures the heart of Park Chang-ho”

Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah and Kim Joo-hun chose scenes in which their characters’ personalities stood out.

Actors Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah and Kim Joo-hun, who enthusiastically play Park Chang-ho, Ko Mi-ho and Choi Do-ha in MBC’s Friday / Saturday drama Big Mouth (by Yang Young). -chul, Jung Kyung-soon / screenplay by Kim Ha-ram / directed by Oh Chung-hwan / produced by AStory, Studio Dragon, A-Man Project), attracted attention by directly selecting scenes in which the personalities of their characters stood out.

Scene 1. Chang-ho Park, “Please fill out the divorce papers and submit them.”.. A bold decision to protect the family!

The defense of the murder case, which Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) barely took over after suffering terrible hardships in life, exposed him to the infamous stigma of the genius con man “Big Mouse” rather than wealth and fame. In a situation where he faced a life sentence and even the death penalty if he could not prove his innocence, he had to ask his friend Kim Soon-tae (Oh Eui-shik) to file a divorce letter to protect his family.

In particular, while Park Chang-ho was devastated after hearing Ko Mi-ho’s (Im Yoon-ah) divorce announcement earlier, he relied so much on his family that he even had a nightmare where Ko Mi-ho let go his hands, doubling the viewers’ grief. Regarding this scene, Lee Jong-suk explained: “It’s a scene that expresses Park Chang-ho’s desire to protect his family, even if he is in danger of dying.”

Scene 2. Mi-ho, “I think it’s good to go to the end.” Her fighting spirit as a problem solver sparkled!

Seeing her husband being pulled away, Ko Mi-ho said: “I trust you. We have to believe in ourselves and bear it”, showing her confidence and determination towards her husband. She then wrestled with all kinds of threats to help Park Chang-ho get rid of all the false accusations. Delving into the thesis of Seo Jae-yong (Park Hoon) who died in this incident, Ko Mi-ho witnessed blood cancer patients and the sad situations of Gucheon prisoners. Even Jang Hye-jin (Hong Ji-hee), who was her strong midfielder, is missing. Therefore, Ko Mi-ho’s guilt had to double.

In the meantime, the real Big Mouse showed up, and then asked for the disclosure of the truth about unpublished documents. Though her husband came one step closer to their long-awaited peace when he was cleared of false accusations, Ko Mi-ho gave up her peaceful life and burned down her will to find the truth, saying:I think it’s good to go to the end “. In this regard, Im Yoon-ah said: “Along with the scene showing how he expresses his trust in a husband who has been falsely accused, this line perfectly expressed Ko Mi-ho’s sincere inner self and faith.”

Scene 3. Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-heon), dropping “crocodile tears” cheat people with everyone, from his name to his life!

Choi Do-ha tried to take revenge after seeing his grandfather die at the hands of his friend Chairman Kang (Jeon Guk-hwan), who has the greatest power in Gucheon City, even though they co-founded NK Chemical. After hiding his existence and borrowing his name from another person, Choi Do-ha even gained the trust of Chairman Kang.

Thanks to Chairman Kang’s trust, Choi Do-ha killed him and successfully completed the vengeance he had planned long ago. Then he began to run on the path of victory. His tears as he comforted his wife Hyun Joo-hee (Ok Ja-yeon) at the funeral of Chairman Kang, whom he killed with his own hands, made viewers feel goose bumps. In light of this, Kim Joo-heon shared: “To live as Choi Do-ha in Jo Sung-hyun’s body, he had to control his emotions in a way that would benefit him,” adding, “I think this scene showed that side of Choi Do-ha so well.”

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