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BIGBANG Daesung shows “fanboy spirit” by comparing Lisa BLACKPINK to expensive whiskey

BIGBANG Daesung shows “fanboy spirit” by comparing Lisa BLACKPINK to expensive whiskey

On March 13, a video entitled “D’s Wine | Chivas Regal Lisa Limited Edition” was posted on BIGBANG Daesung’s YouTube channel, D’splay.

In the video, Daesung kicked off the video by showing a shot of a bottle of Chivas Regal whiskey – a spirits brand whose ambassador is BLACKPINK Lisa.

What I drink today is not wine, but whiskey. My friend knew I was a BLACKPINK fan and gave it to me. The case is so special”he said, adding:You can see the fancy case with LISA’s signature. I think LISA’s autograph is pink because it’s BLACKPINK.

Then, when Daesung started to open the whiskey, he couldn’t help but praise, saying: “Whiskey smells amazing. I just poured a glass of whiskey, but the smell of whiskey fills the room. It is wonderful.”

Daesung then compared the alcoholic beverage to Lisa herself.

“Let me taste this whiskey. It tastes amazing. I closed my eyes and tasted it. It’s like watching LISA’s fantastic performance in front of my eyes. LISA dances and sings in front of me. Chivas Regal, so legal. It tastes amazing. I understand why LISA became a role model for the CHIVAS REGAL brand”commented the male idol.

When he drank the drink, Daesung also moved excitedly and started singing “DDU-DU DDU-DU” BLACKPINK and “LALISA” by Lisa, attracting attention.

It seems the male idol’s “fanboy spirit” began to show itself the more he drank.

Source: YouTube


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