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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Revealed Has Made Most Expensive Apartment Purchase In Seoul History For Cold Cash

G-Dragon bought his house in March.

Messages that BIG‘s G-Dragon bought his luxury house for cash, arouses admiration among Internet users.

G-Dragon’s House | @ xxxibgdrgn / Instagram

G-Dragon’s House | @xxxibgdrgn / Instagram

September 14 episode Mnet‘s TMI News Showthe program revealed a list of “K-Pop’s Best”.

G-Dragon | OSEN

MC Boom expressed his admiration for the rapper BIGBANG, highlighting his cultural impact.

G-Dragon is one of the icons of this generation that continues to be popular. His sneakers, distinctive pose and music are iconic.

– Boom

The show then ran and revealed details of G-Dragon’s house. Located in the hipster Hannam-dong neighborhood in Seoul’s Yongsan district, the house reportedly has assigned parking and private elevators to ensure privacy, and residents can use the golf course and wine storage.

Nine One Hannam | Ratio

Nine One Hannam | Ratio

MC Boom then revealed the flashy price of an apartment considered to be one of the most expensive in Korea.

The annual municipal cost of housing is KRW 13.0 million (approximately $ 9,350) and costs an average security deposit of KRW 6.00 billion (approximately $ 4.31 million) for rent. G-Dragon bought his home for 16.4 billion yen KRW (about $ 11.8 million) without any loans. He paid for his house in cash.

– Boom

According to court documents, G-Dragon bought the penthouse at the Nine One Hannam complex last March for 16.4 billion yen (about $ 11.8 million), making it the most expensive apartment purchase in Seoul history. Previously, the record was for the purchase of an apartment at The Penthouse Chungdam complex in Chungdam, Gangnam, for KRW 14.5 billion (approximately US $ 10.4 million).


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