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BLACKPINK criticized for “dirty” concert – that’s why Winks are disappointed

BLACKPINK criticized for “dirty” concert – that’s why Winks are disappointed

From lip syncing to unsynchronized choreographies, the BLINKs, who have paid a hefty sum of money to attend BLACKPINK concerts, have plenty of reason to say why they were disappointed after watching the quartet perform.

BLACKPINK criticized for “dirty” concert

BLACKPINK went on a world tour for the first time in four years, but some fans criticize the band’s frequent mistakes on stage.

Recently, numerous videos of BLACKPINK members who made mistakes during their concerts several times were released on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

(Photo: Twitter || @BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK criticized for

(Photo: BLACKPINK (SBS Entertainment News))

Some nations found these mistakes cute, but other BLINKs came forward to say they were rather “disappointed”.

The BLACKPINK World Tour “BORN PINK” began October 16 in Seoul and is scheduled to travel through 14 North American cities including Dallas, Houston and Atlanta.

But among excited fans who saw “the biggest girly band in the world” set the stage ablaze, the high anticipation caused regret as the keyword “mess / mess” topped BLACKPINK’s concert-related search terms.

BLACKPINK criticized for

(Photo: BLACKPINK (SBS Entertainment News))

BLACKPINK criticized for

(Photo: BLACKPINK (SBS Entertainment News))

Looking at it on the internet, videos shared by fans, especially BLINK (the BLACKPINK fandom), showed after the show that the choreography of BLACKPINK members is out of sync.


(Photo: YG Entertainment)


There are times when the singers of “KILL THIS LOVE” move as if they forgot the choreography or were making the same movements but seemed to be doing a different choreography.

In concerts, it is not uncommon to synchronize with the lips or use backtracking due to the intensity of the choreography, but the group of four did not even try to match the AR and continued dancing without singing.

He blinks “disappointed” by the poor performance at the BLACKPINK concert


(Photo: Getty Images for MTV)


As a result, some BLINKs expressed their dissatisfaction, especially those who paid a lot to get a ticket just to see the group. Others also traveled far to observe members. To their disappointment, the group did not live up to their expectations.

One of the foreign fans commented:

  • “BLACKPINK was the best on stage, but what’s wrong with them lately? The audience pays a lot of money to see it. I was speechless. I really support you, but that’s not right. “
  • “I really love and support BLACKPINK, but what I saw at the concert is really disappointing. It was a mess with insufficient energy. I really support you, but I can’t say that I have enjoyed the concert so far.”

BLACKPINK Jennie experiences a closet breakdown on stage - how did she handle it?

(Photo: News)

Even Korean fans sympathized with overseas fans and added:

  • “I know they are busy with their schedule and I know their choreographies are also complicated, but they should have practiced more.”
  • “It’s a concert after four years, so I hope BLACKPINK will give it all to the end.”

After the criticism the group receives, fans are focused on whether BLACKPINK’s performance improves for the next schedule.

From November 6-7, BLACKPINK will play a concert in Hamilton, Canada.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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