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BLACKPINK Jewelry Serpenti Lisa at the Bvlgari Avrora Awards costs SO much

BLACKPINK Jewelry Serpenti Lisa at the Bvlgari Avrora Awards costs SO much

On October 18, 2022, BLACKPINK Lisa attended the Bvlgari Avrora Awards in Seoul.

Park Se-ri, Yeom Jeong-ah, Lee Min-jung and many other celebrities also attended the prestigious event along with BLACKPINK Lisa. The event was designed to honor women from various industries.

On October 24, 2022, a Thai member of BLACKPINK posted photos of what looked like an empress on her Instagram account. In addition to her dazzling and expensive beauty, the jewelry she wore attracted the attention of her followers.

Since Serpentine jewelry includes diamonds and emeralds, fans have wondered how much these jewelry items cost.

Is it true that a necklace and bracelet can pay for cars and other luxury items? Let’s find out what the price of jewelry is.

Lisa’s BLACKPINK jewelry costs so much

Without a doubt, Lisa’s BLACKPINK visuals are among the most sought-after in the fashion industry, so BLACKPINK members individually and collectively promote extravagant brands.

As Lisa has been recognized as one of BVLGARI’s global ambassadors, it is often seen that the lead BLACKPINK dancer wears the brand’s jewelry every time she participates in music awards shows, promotions, stage performances and even music videos!

According to BVLGARI:

“Lisa’s bold and unparalleled performance and the modern and trendy image of the fashion icon fit well with her brand identity, which is why she was chosen as her official brand ambassador.”

(Photo: Photo from: HAN MYUNG-GU)

In addition to attending the BVLGARI Aurora Awards, the BLINKi were even more excited to learn that Lisa would be presenting the award. Ultimately, many are waiting for Lisa to redefine fashion with her outfit at the event.


(Photo: Photo from: HAN MYUNG-GU)

The moment she entered the room, all eyes were glued together as she beautifully wore Vivienne Westwood’s gown from the SS2022 collection.

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Lisa’s necklace and bracelet, matching her princess-like appearance, sparked curiosity.

According to media reports, although BVLGARI has a variety of jewelry as part of the Serpenti collection, what Lisa is wearing is unique for its white diamonds and emeralds.

As the luxury brand name suggests, the dazzling price of the Serpenti necklace ranges from $ 258,000 to $ 313,000. The necklace costs about 430 million per Korean won.


(Photo: from 1stdibs.com)

To balance the grandeur and class of Lisa’s necklace, she paired it with a Serpenti bracelet of the same brand. The bracelet is interesting because the carrier gives the illusion that “the snake is wrapped around the wrist”.


(Photo: from perfectcoral.com)

Like the bewildering price of the necklace, the bracelet drops to around $ 295,000, which costs 424 million won.

Indeed, jewelry is very expensive, and so is Lisa’s BLACKPINK. Knowing the price, it was impossible to help but comment on how Lisa is considered “The Princess of BVLGARI”.

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