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BLACKPINK Jisoo is the secret to always having a good day – even when she is very busy and tired

As one of the most successful K-Pop idols in history, needless to say BLACK PINK‘s Jisoo she is a very busy woman. It is reserved for music recordings, fashion week performances, magazine sessions, interviews and much more. With such a busy schedule, how does she make sure she doesn’t feel overwhelmed?

Jisoo from BLACKPINK | @sooyaa __ / Instagram

The singer “Pink Venom” shared her secret in a recent interview with Marie Claire Korea where she also revealed TMI about herself and listed the activities she does in her spare time.

Besides, she was asked what her routine was for a good day. She explained that no matter how busy or tired she is, she always does one thing: she spends at least an hour of her time.

Even if I am late to finish work or late for home, I must have time to myself, at least for an hour or two. I have to do this to end the day happily.

– Jisoo

In her eyes, she sees it as a way to “heal” herself. “Whether I’m just lying down or listening to music, I spend my time healing myself”She explained.

Making sure he has time alone is a method he uses to stay happy, not to mention a great way to end a long day! It uses time to recharge and focus on itself, which is very effective, especially if there have been stressful events that day.

| @sooyaa __ / Instagram

In the same interview, Jisoo revealed TMI about herself, which she does almost every day of the week. Find out what it is in the article below.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo just revealed TMI about herself that fans may not know yet, and she does almost every day



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