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BLACKPINK Lisa Gets Endless Praise for Dazzling Dance Skills in “Shut Down” Music Video

Check out her best moves here.

BLACK PINK recently had a successful comeback with his ROSE BORN album. The title track was nothing but “Shut Down”, a hip-hop based track with a touch of classic sounds.

While the music video was already well received, the video of “Shut Down” was even more praised. Not only did it have an unforgettable choreography, but each step flowed “like water” into the next. The strengths and visuals of each team member were also highlighted, and the movements matched the text as well.

Lisain particular, she became popular thanks to her outstanding dancing skills as soon as the film was released.

She proved why she is the undisputed main dancer of the group. Her straight dance lines, powerful movements and high energy were in place.

Each of her dance was performed at a high level. She knew exactly how much to move her waist, for example to make a stunning wave.

The word “smooth” was used to describe Lisa’s dance style. Her twists during the second verse were already flowing, as was the playful choreography she did with the support dancers that followed.

Korean Internet users commented that it is “In another dimension”, “really cool”, and “Seriously good at dancing.”

Plus, she stood out even more with her various facial expressions. Whether she was in the center or not, Lisa had memorable facial movements that made her doubly interesting to watch.

  • Lisa stood out a lot. Her expression is amazing too!
  • Her gestures and facial expressions are perfect.
  • Her talents are overflowing.

The International BLINKs did not hold back from complimenting her either. They pointed out that she owns the dance and even improved it by adding various small details.

When it comes to dancing, Lisa always seems to exceed expectations.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the full “Shut Down” performance video below!



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