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BLACKPINK stuns everyone with its stunning real-life visuals in the new “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Appearance

BLACK PINK and “stunning” go hand in hand!

The YG Entertainment girl group recently hit the headlines with their second full-length album, BORN PINK. The title track was nothing but “Shut Down”, a hip-hop based track that showed off their skill and stage presence.

Their first live appearance was on an American TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Needless to say, they received a positive response from both viewers who saw them online and live.

A few lucky BLINKS to see them in person took pictures of the quartet which showed off their wonderful real-life visuals. Check them out below!

1. Jennie

First, Jennie was even prettier than expected. Even without full stage makeup it was simply breathtaking!

She caught everyone’s attention with her amazing silhouette in a pair of low waist jeans.

And when she performed on stage, she was the definition of eye-catching.

2. Lisa

Likewise, Lisa always gives one hundred percent of herself when she is on stage. Watching her live makes this point even more aware: her energy, facial expressions and charisma are easier to sense.

Even just seeing her from a distance can give the impression that she is a celebrity and they would be right!

3. Rose

Rosé was another member to be photographed exiting a company car in full stage dress. Without exaggeration, her slim figure and confidence dropped her jaws.

Considering that she had flown in from subsequent flights and was probably tired, her energetic performance was doubly commendable.

4. Jisoo

Finally, Jisoo was a fan favorite outside of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio. With a well-deserved drink in her hand, she was a ray of sunshine in the restaurant.

The oldest member of the band was just as bright and lively when interacting with fans on stage as she was outside of her.

Of course, she also killed her with her confidence and captivatingly deep voice when the starting signal appeared.

Visualizations, charisma and talent, BLACKPINK has them all!

Source: YouTube and Twitter


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