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BLACKPINK’s Lisa proves she is truly versatile in her album “Born Pink”, cementing her legendary reputation as an intern

While K-Pop idols are expected to be perfect in every way, artists are usually known for certain specialties, be it singing, rap, or dancing. Including idol skills gives them a role in the group, but some are lucky to be good at everything.

One person who has recently gained attention as being truly versatile is this BLACK PINK‘s Lisa.

Lisa BLACKPINK | @ lalalisa_m / Instagram

Since her debut, Lisa has drawn attention to her many talents and has also been a real visual artist. She has always been praised for her talent as a dancer. Lisa has even been voted one of the best in K-Pop. When you watch her dance, it’s not hard to see why she was given this title.

| Lilifilm Dziennik / YouTube

| Lilifilm Dziennik / YouTube

She is also a crazy rapper and singer, proving her diversity after releasing her first solo album LALISA, with the songs “LALISA” and “MONEY”.

Lisa’s music video “LALISA” | BLACK PINK / YouTube

Lisa’s music video “MONEY” | BLACK PINK / YouTube

However, it seems that the recent comeback has really allowed Lisa to live up to her title of “all-rounder”, presenting her roles as a rapper, dancer and singer.

BLACKPINK recently returned with their first album in two years, titled Born pink. The music video for the title track “Shut Down” was also released and the band members really shone with their talent, looks and charisma.

“Shut up” music video | BLACK PINK / YouTube

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

Of course, Lisa got attention right from the start, shining not only with amazing rap and dancing, but also with an unreal presence that simply exudes star quality.

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

Although Lisa’s rapping and dancing skills were really shown in the video for Shut Down, the idol’s diversity was appreciated after the entire album was listened to by Internet users. The song “Happiest Girl” in particular caught attention after hearing Lisa’s flawless vocals.

When the clip was released, netizens couldn’t come to terms with how good Lisa’s vocals were, everyone hoped it might be the beginning of seeing more of her in future returns.

Many also noted how much this album proved Lisa to be a truly versatile idol when it comes to being a K-Pop idol.

This should come as no surprise, however, since even though she herself came to Korea, Lisa has always been praised for being a “legendary” intern. Karolina Suhadirector Netflix Documentary BLACKPINK: Light up the sky told about Lisa’s brilliant personality in an interview and shared members’ praise for her.

And members mentioned that Lisa won everything while they were apprentices. She’s fun and knows how not to take herself too seriously. So even after becoming a big star, she likes to joke. He has one cool personality.

– Karolina Suha

BLACKPINK members have trained over the years and it shows every time the group releases music. Lisa shone in their recent comeback and together with the members proved why BLACKPINK is truly their strongest team as OT4.

You can read more about the return below.

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