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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shocks winks her sexy AF outfit in the final “Shut Down” concept photo

While Korean society can be quite conservative, K-Pop idols find ways to break through traditional views and showcase their individual style. BLACK PINK‘s Lisa is one of those idols, and recently she’s been driving the internet to a crash with her sexy looks.

Lisa BLACKPINK | @ lalalisa_m / Instagram

Over the past few years, Lisa has paid attention to her beautiful figure and finding the perfect clothes that would perfectly show off her looks, but also a charming personality.

| @ lalalisa_m / Instagram

| @ lalalisa_m / Instagram

BLACKPINK is expected to release its first album in over two years in a matter of days. Since the announcement, Internet users have aroused the expectation of Born pinkand they can’t wait to see what the group will do.

In particular, the concept shots and the music video of “Pink Venom” gave BLINKs a small snippet of what to expect.

“RÓŻOWY JAD” music video | BLACK PINK / YouTube

| BLACK PINK / YouTube

There are only days left when BLACKPINK published their individual concept photos. Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie were the first members and they loved the visuals on the posters.

Concept photo for Jisoo | BLACK PINK / Twitter

Conceptual photo for Rose | BLACK PINK / Twitter

Concept photo for Jennie | BLACK PINK / Twitter

Lisa was the last member and it’s safe to say the idol looked really amazing in an appearance that combined loose and futuristic vibes but also used accessories to add extra layers.

Concept photo for Lisa | BLACK PINK / Twitter

However, many internet users quickly noticed the unconventional outfit Lisa was wearing. Even though it was covered with a silver scarf, many noted that the top itself was from a Thai brand called PONY STONE. As always, Lisa embraces her Thai heritage and makes sure she finds ways to do it in everything she does.

The top itself costs only $ 60, but the design is quite sexy as it seems to be driving the ‘visible underwear’ trend by seemingly showing off the bra.


The back also showed a different side of the look as they were completely nude, with only a strap around the waist and a halter neckline to keep it in place.


When the BLINKs found out about the original tabletop design, they couldn’t get enough of it. Many even joked that they were grateful for the scarf as it would undoubtedly lead to an internet crash.

However, this is not the first time Lisa has made the internet confused with her appearance in her return announcements.

When the poster for the title track “Shut Down” was released, internet users couldn’t get over the visualization of BLACKPINK members. Everyone looked amazing in a more casual and sporty style.

Lisa especially noticed her sexy appearance. Like her last appearance, Lisa adopted her Thai roots by wearing the PONY STONE and served hot, hot visuals the whole time.

The chain from the $ 80 “MIA” shorts protruded from the left side of her waist. She paired this with the low and asymmetrical cut of the $ 150 “Clydes” denim, which was also eye-catching, and rightly drove the internet to a crash.

With only a few days left until the album is released, the BLACKPINK members are sure to continue to impress with their amazing looks. If the trailers caused the BLINKs to crash, it’ll be interesting to see what other outfits they have for promotion and for the album.

You can read more about Lisa’s glamorous costumes below.

BLACKPINK Lisa drives fans crazy with her hotter-than-expected outfit on the title poster “Shut Down”


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