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BoA criticized for assessing skills in “Street Man Fighter” + accused of “flirting” with dancers

The credibility of the BoA as a judge in the Mnet case Street Man Fighter she is interrogated, in addition to being accused of “flirting” with male dancers.

Read on to find out more.

BoA is attracting criticism as credibility as a judge in Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” is disputed

Solo artist and veteran Queen of K-popBoA, currently continues her role as a judge on Mnet’s dance survival program Street Man Fighter. Before that, BoA also acted as a judge on the female version of the show, which was very popular Street Woman Fighter.

This season, BoA has been joined by Super Junior member Eunhyuk and 2PM member Wooyoung as referee, with Kang Daniel serving as host again.

(Photo: Instagram: @boakwon)
Street Man Fighter

From the very beginning, fans had high expectations Street Man Fighter given the success of its predecessors, incl Street Girl Fighter. However, the show was plagued by several controversies – from producers to dancers – even before that Street Man Fighter began to air.

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However, BoA is once again at the center of Internet users’ anger, as many have criticized the idol’s credibility as a judge on the show, despite her decades of experience in the entertainment industry. In fact, BoA is well known for her dancing and singing skills as a solo artist.


(Photo: Instagram: @boakwon)

Internet users used BoA’s social media account to terrorize the singer with her refereeing skills. Some comments read:

“BoA, if you’re a judge, please do things right.”

“Please do something about your judgment … please.”

“Who are you to evaluate SMF and SWF? Are you a better dancer than them? “

Is that really a judge? FNP? “

“BoA is enjoying being queen bee … Only who will judge who … Jay Park personally said that he spoke to Mnet about [SMF] but was canceled. I can tell you why it was canceled. Because BoA wouldn’t be able to play queen bee then. If a professional judge with experience in the street scene came along, people wouldn’t even notice the BoA on the screen. Just volunteer next season so you don’t want to be there. “

BoA criticized for assessing skills in

(Photo: TheQoo)
Internet users criticize BoA on its social media

BoA accused of “flirting” with “Street Man Fighter” dancers

Not only that, but also Internet users accused BoA of “flirting” with the show’s dancers, and called for an idol on her social media.

Some comments say:

– How dare you be a judge when you know nothing about dancing and can only sing? Why are you trying to seduce men ?! Did they give you money or something?

“[I] I bet there was some money under the table.

“It’s not a comedy show where you win if you’re funny and flirty. What are you doing, all those best dancers … “

“It’s a program that allows you to choose the best dancer … not the perfect type.”

Suddenly you hated 5,000? I’m not a fan of all eight teams, but you don’t fucking look at him.

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While the criticism around her doesn’t seem to go away, BoA reassures fans that she’s working hard on the show and asks them to ignore the haters.

What do you think about the problem?

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