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BoA explains why Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is the leader of GOT The Beat

There were two specific reasons.

in recent look at me interview with 1theK Originalslegendary k-pop soloist Boa she looked up her name on the internet and disproved or confirmed some internet facts about herself.

BoA | 1theK Originals – 1theK Originals/YouTube

BoA was also featured in the topic SM Entertainmentsupergroup GOT To beatof which he is a member along with other artists Taeyeon and Hyoyeon With Generation of girls, Seulgi and Wendy With Red velvetand Karina and Winter With andespa.

GOT the Beat | @GirlsOnTop_SM/Twitter

Some fans assumed that BoA would be the leader of the group due to her seniority and experience, but it turned out to be Taeyeon! BoA explained that she asked Taeyeon to be the leader of the team because she had more experience being in a group and leading Girls’ Generation.

Being a second generation idol, Taeyeon may also have an easier time mediating between the first generation idol BoA and members Red Velvet and aespa who are third and fourth generation idols respectively.

BoA also clarified that the age difference between her and Taeyeon is only 3 years, although some might assume it’s more since they debuted almost 7 years apart.

Watch the whole thing look at me interview with BoA below. She talks about why she asked Taeyeon to host GOT the Beat at 4:09.

Generation of girls


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