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‘BORN PINK’ BLACKPINK director says members are ‘heavily committed’ to their singing careers and shows it behind the scenes

Been working with them for several months.

Nobody knows the details of BLACK PINKworld tour better than one that oversees everything herself. Amy Bowermancreative director of a visual company London ceremonyrecently sat down for an interview with ID where she talked about the girls and her experiences from the tour so far.

Amy Bowerman | @amylouisebowerman/Instagram

BLACK PINK | @amylouisebowerman/Instagram

Aside from the fact that the backstage was mostly run by women, Amy was surprised that the four members were so involved in the planning process.

When I entered YG Entertainment, I thought, wow, I’ve never worked with a lighting designer always. But they were like “all the lighting designers here are women” which is amazing. I also came with the feeling that we won’t be talking to the artists as much, that they won’t be as involved or have a mind of their own, but they were very committed to everything they do, especially music.

— Amy Bowerman

While Jennie, Jisoo, Lisaand Rose they mostly left the visual setting of the concert to the band, they were definitely involved in preparing the performances and the setlist. In Amy’s experience, this was not the norm as she was more used to artists who were almost exclusively interested in the practice sessions themselves.

If BLACKPINK aren’t happy, they’ll just walk into the studio and say: “we have to change it”. I don’t think it’s a secret, but it’s definitely less accepted that they can have autonomy.

— Amy Bowerman

| @amylouisebowerman/Instagram

She added that they were very excited to be on the tour and had “invested heavily” in their music. Although their schedules are always busy, they manage to find time to devote to their craft.

They are heavily involved in their music, they spend all their time in the dance studio or in their own studio [their producer] Bear.

— Amy Bowerman

BLACKPINK even approached Amy and opened up to her about his feelings, sharing his desire to prove his abilities as a singer on the world stage.

They told me, “We have this new record and it’s very similar to us, we want to show the world what we are capable of and who BLACKPINK is.” It didn’t seem like they were really able to perform as much as they wanted to throughout this period of lockdown, they had an amazing time Coachella show, but this tour felt really big.

— Amy Bowerman

| @amylouisebowerman/Instagram

Finally, the creative director talked about bridging the gap between their wishes and her work. She was happy to set the stage for BLACKPINK and create a place where everyone can have fun.

So the idea was to show what everyone already loves about BLACKPINK and then show the new album and show how amazing these shows can be. It’s a big celebration of BLACKPINK, K-pop and the effect they have had around the world. I think that sums up what we were trying to achieve with it.

— Amy Bowerman

| @amylouisebowerman/Instagram



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