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Boyfriend’s dog? Idol collects attention for using this photo as wallpaper

Boyfriend’s dog?  Idol collects attention for using this photo as wallpaper

On the vlog, the idol caught the attention of internet users after she was spotted using THIS photo as a wallpaper.

(Photo: Joy (Instagram))

Joy, a member of the girls’ group Red Velvet, has caught the attention of herself showing your cute side as a lover.

On November 10, a video entitled “JOY in Milan VLOG I TOD’S 2023 S / S SHOW” appeared on the official Red Velvet YouTube channel.

The film shows the time when Joy traveled to Milan to attend the TOD’S fashion show, the luxury brand for which she currently works as an ambassador.

In addition to the backstage of the event, the vlog also captured her everyday life.

However, there is a small detail when watching the video that has caught the attention of K-pop fans and viewers alike, and it is nothing but her wallpaper.

During the walk, her phone wallpaper was briefly shown in front of the camera, and keen-eyed fans who took a screenshot of the scene realized that Joy’s wallpaper was a white dog.

Internet users who watched the video recognized him as Doyou (soy milk), a popular dog who has appeared in various Korean shows such as MBC’s “I Live Alone” and has over 89,000 Instagram followers. followers.

Boyfriend's dog?  Idol collects attention for using this photo as wallpaper

(Photo: Joy, Doyou wallpaper (MoneyS, Doyou))

Boyfriend's dog?  Idol collects attention for using this photo as wallpaper

(Photo: Crush with Doyou (Instagram))

Internet users can’t help but the details are really cute as the Japanese Spitz Doyou is actually a precious dog raised by Joy’s boyfriend Crush.

Internet users who encountered Joy’s small but sweet gesture met with various reactions, such as:

  • “You are a total lover.”
  • “This photo is cute, even if I can’t see it clearly.”
  • – You’re really going to get married.
  • – I think you took it yourself.

Joy to crush

(Photo: Joy on Instagram)

Red Velvet Joy Quietly cheers for boyfriend Crush - here's how

(Photo: SBS News)
Red Velvet Joy Boyfriend Crush

Meanwhile, Joy and Crush officially admitted their romantic relationship last August. They both took notice of their adorable love story as they fell in love after working on the song “MayDay” released in May 2020.

Since then, the couple have been subtly showing each other sympathy on Instagram, such as Crush by pressing “I like it” on Instagram Joy.

Red Velvet returns to the music scene with the new album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – birthday”

Red Velvet IN SMTOWN 2022 Suwon

(Photo: Lorladin Twitter)
220820 Red Velvet at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 SUWON

Meanwhile, Red Velvet, the representative third-generation girly band to which Joy belongs, will return to the K-pop scene with a new album on November 28.

This is the first time in over eight months that Red Velvet has released a new album since their mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm” which was released on March 21st.

The new album, which includes tracks of various genres, including the title track “Birthday”, features the rich musical world of Red Velvet.

Red velvet

(Photo: Red Velvet (News1))

The reason Red Velvet’s comeback is getting attention is because it has been appearing on various charts for a long time with its previous work. “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm” topped the national music and album charts, with album sales alone surpassing 510,000 pre-orders, breaking its initial record.

Even in the eighth year of their debut, the unique concept and music of Red Velvet pay attention to whether they will find their way to the winter music industry in spring.

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