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Britney Spears asked to “calm down” after resuming a dispute with Christina A.

Britney Spears fans ask her to “calm down” as she seemingly embarrassed Christina Aguilera and her dancers.

Spears, who changed her Instagram profile name to Channel 8, on Monday (September 12) posted a quote in a new Instagram post that read: “I’ve found there is only one way to look slim: hanging out with fat people.” .

In the caption, Spears said she wished she could choose her own support dancers for the live performances and called them “nannies for my kids.”

“I mean, if I had Christina Aguilera’s dancers, I’d look extremely small … I mean, why not talk about it?” she wrote, in the apparent excavation of the body of the singer’s “Beauty”.

She continued, “You don’t think my confidence would be any better if I could choose where I live, ate, who I called on the phone, dated and who was on stage with me !!!” Sometimes it’s hard, now I can see how much my femininity was stripped away then, and each person sat comfortably and said nothing !!!

“Anyway … I’m going to talk about things people have NEVER talked about.”

Independent contacted Aguilera representatives for comment.

In the comment section of the post, many fans of the singer “Toxic” asked her not to “pass this negative” song.

(Britney Spears / Instagram)

“This one is for them,” wrote one of the fans.

“You have to remove it,” another person added.

(Britney Spears / Instagram)

One person wrote, “No, not to shame the body.”

“Take it easy, Queen,” another fan wrote.

In another Instagram post on Sunday (September 11), Spears said she would feel uncomfortable performing with several of her line-up dancers.

“I’m very short, but of course my team hired the smallest girls to be on stage with me … like eight girls talk about humiliation, good god,” she wrote. “And tours WITHOUT conservation I only had four or two girls on stage with me !!!”

(Britney Spears / Instagram)

In the post, the singer “Toxic” also said that she had no creative control over her music at the time, and the only image she liked was that of her 2013 single “Work B ****”.

“I’m pretty traumatized for life and yeah, I’m pissed off like a f *** and no, I probably won’t come back just because I’m stubborn and give my point of view,” she added before completing her message “kiss my mother fucking mother ** “.


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